Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 1, p 364

John SPENCER, Haddam. Died 3 Aug 1682. Invt. 267-00-06. Taken 7 Aug 1682, by George GATES, Joseph ARNOLD. The children: Rebeckah 16 years of age, Jarrard, 14 years, Benjamin 11 years, Lydia 10 years, & Grace 6 years. Will nuncupative. He declared it as his Will that his Eldest son Jerrard SPENCER & his Eldest daughter Rebeckah sould be at the disposal of his Brother-in-law Daniel BRAYNARD and his own sister Hannah, the wife of Daniel BRAYNARD. That his son Benjamin should be with Nicholas NOYSE of Haddam till 21 years of age. That his father HOWARD should have his daughter Lydia. That his brother-in-law John KENNOE & his Sister Rebeckah KENNOE should have his youngest daughter Grace SPENCER. He declared his Will that Thomas BROOKS, whom his sister BROOKS had committed to his Care when at the age of 4 years and whom he had brought up to the age of 18 years, should show all respect to his Mother, now the wife of Thomas SHAYLOR; but the two years time which he was to have lived with his Uncle he now gave to himself; also gave him 20 shillings, and desired his Overseers to take Care of him because he was too young to be wholly set free. He gave 30 to each of his sons and 20 to heach of his daughtrs, left money to buy books for them, and desired that they all should be well clothed with linen & Wollen. He gave to Good wife SMITH, for Kindness & attendance, 20 shilling; also to his sister SHAYLOR. He desired Nicholas NOYES, George GATES, Daniel BRAYNARD, Daniel CONE & Thomas SPENCER, might be overseers.

Witness: George GATES, Thomas SPENCER.

Court Record, Page 58 -- 7 Sep 1682: Adms., with Will annexed, to Daniel BRAYNARD, Thomas SPENCER.

Page 51 -- (Vol. V) 8 Feb 1693: Grace SPENCER, daughter of John SPENCER, late of Haddam decd., chose her Uncle Nathaniel SPENCER to be her guardian.

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