Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 114

Margaret SOUTHMAYD, Middletown. Will dated 5 Dec 1728:

I, Margaret SOUTHMAYD, of Middletown, widow & relict of William SOUTHMAYD, sometime of the aforesd. Middletown, decd., do make this my last will & testament: I give to my son Joseph SOUTHMAYD that lottment of land on the east side of the Connecticut River in Middletown in the last division laid out, about 30 acres. I give to my son William SOUTHMAYD a large family Bible and also my best bed with all the funriture properly belonging to it. I give to my two daughters, Margaret GAYLORD & Ann STILMAN, all my wearing apparell. I give unto my granddaughter, Anne GAYLORD, my smallest bell-mettal skillett. I give to my three sons, Allyn, Joseph & William SOUTHMAYD, with my two daughters, Margaret GAYLORD & Anne STILMANN aforesd., the lower lott in the Long Meadow in Hartford, which formerly did belong to my honoured father, Cololl. John ALLYN of Hartford, decd., and also the 1-5 part of the houseing and homestead formerly belonging to my honoured father, Col. John ALLYN of Hartford, now in the possession of Mrs. Martha COOKE of Hartford, together with all my bills, bonds, money, debts, and all my moveables & household goods, to be divided equally among my five children above named (except) my cobirons, fire slice & tongs in the outer room, which I give unto my son Joseph SOUTHMAYD. And I do hereby oblige my sd. children to purchase out of sd. estate 5 pieces of plate of equal value, that is, with what I now have to be part, and marke them thus, "W. S. M.", to be kept by each of them in memory of thier father & myself. And I hereby appoint my two sons, Joseph SOUTHMAYD & William SOUTHMAYD, executors.

Margaret SOUTHMAYD, L.S.

Witness: Thomas ALLYN, Joseph ROCKWELL, William ROCKWELL.

Codicil, dated 28 Aug 1731: My two daughters and my youngest granddaughter being now deceased, I see cause to make this alteration in my will: that which was given to my two daughters and to my granddaughter, Anna GAYLORD, I now give to my son Joseph's wife & my son William SOUTHMAYD.

Margaret X SOUTHMAYD, L.S.

Witness: Joseph ROCKWELL, William ROCKWELL, John ROCKWELL.

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