Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 1, p 234

Thomas SMITH, Haddam. Died 2nd Nov 1674. Invt. 46-09-08. Taken by Wm. CLARKE, Symon SMITH, James X WELLS. Will dated 22 Sep 1674.

I Thomas SMITH of Haddam do make this my last Will & Testament as followeth: I give my Homelott, Orchard & Fences about it, to the wife of John BAILY, and to her children after her, and also my Freehold on the West side of the River. I give to the wife of Daniel BRAINWOOD all my Household Stuffe & Moveables that by this Will are not otherwise disposed of, and my Hay to Daniel BRAINWOOD. I give my Tobacco to James WELLES. I give my Steers to Nicholas NOYES. I give my Cow & my gunn to John SMITH. I give my Hogg to John BAILEY, sen. I give my turnips equally betwixt James WELLES, Daniel CONE, Joseph STENNARD and John BAILEY. I give what Timothy SPENCER, oweth me to Daniel CONE. I make John BAILEY sen. & Daniel BRAINWOOD my Executors to see this my Will fulfilled and to take Care of my Buryall, on which I would have 40 Shillings expended, 30 Shillings of which I would have John BAILEY allow out of what is given to him, and Daniel BRAINWOOD the other 10 Shillings. I would also that James WELLES out of the Tobacco I gave him to pay what I owe to John MERRELLS, which is about 10 Shillings. I give my Wearing Clothes & Bed Clothes to Steven LUXFORD. And this is my last Will & Testament, excepting my Debts to be paid as is expressed on the other side of the paper.

(Not signed)

Witness: Nicholas NOYES, George GATES.

Court Record, Page 144 -- 11 Nov 1674: Daniel BRAINARD refused the Executorship, and this Court grant Adms. unto John BAILEY.

Page 132 -- (Probate Side, Vol. XII): An Inventory of the Lands of Thomas SMITH, late of Haddam, valued at 199-00-00, was apprised 28 Dec 1728, by Daniel CLARKE, Thomas BROOKS, Caleb CONE.

Page 210 -- 2 Jan 1728-9: John BAILEY, Adms. on the Estate of Lands of Thomas SMITH, exhibited an Invt. of sd. Estate not before inventoried. Accepted. Also he exhibited an Account of his Adms. of incident Charges of 8-11-06. Upon Motion of the Adms. this Court order that the sd. estate, after the heirs have refunded to the Adms. the sum aforesd., shall be dist. according to the last Will & Testament of sd. Deceased: To John BAYLEY; to the heirs of Lydia SPENCER, deceased; to Elizabeth CLARK, to Benjamin BAYLEY; to the heirs of Susannah HUBBARD; to Nathaniel BAILEY & Mary CORNWELL, Children of Lydia BAYLEY Deceased. And appoint Thomas BROOKS Jr., Daniel CLARK & Caleb CONE. Jr., Distributors.

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