Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 1, p 508

Simon SMITH, Haddam. Will dated 11 Nov 1687. I Simon SMITH senior of Haddam, being aged and being sensabell of my mortalyty, and at This time being visited with sickness, doe give my body to the dust in hopes of a Glorias reserecktion, & my Spirit to God that gave it. Do make this my Last will & Testament, being sound in meamorie: I give to my Loveing Wife The use of my dwelling houss and two rowes of Apples Trees in my horchard, she takeing her choyes, and five poundes per yeare during her Widowhood, to be paid by my sonns according to their proportions That they shall have of my Estate, and one Cowe to be kept yearly by my Sones, and fowr Shepe to be kept yearly for her use, and fowr poundes in good marchantabell Corney, Rie & Indian, to be paid her the next spring, and as much of the houeshould stores as she hath need of. I give to my sonn John my Lott by his in the Comon fild, and five pounds our of my Estate as it shall be inventoried. I give to my son Simon my upper Lott, and my swamp on the east side of the great iver, and my Lott in the equall devishon, and all my right at Machamoodas. I give to my daughter Elizabeth eaighten pounds, and to my daughter Susanah Sixten pounds, and to my daughter Mary Sixten pounds. And my Will is that my two Lottes in the upper medow be left for part of their portions. And if any of my Sonnes will take the above said Lotes as they shall be inventoried, and pay my daughters, they shall have Liberty; and the rest of their portions shall be paide out of my Estate as it shall be inventoried. And if their be any over pluss, it shall be equally disposed of amongest them. Also my Will is that my sonn benjamin be my Executor to se This my Will full filed.


Test: George GATES, John BOYLE.

Hartford, 8 Mar 1687-8: At a Court of Common please there held, George Gates & John BAYLEY, upon their Corporate oathes, Testified that Simon SMITH in their prsence signed and declared the above written to be his Last will & Testament, and that he was of good memory when he did the same.

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