Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 1, p 508

Joseph SMITH, Haddam. Died in Barbadoes, 1693. Invt. 49-01-07. Taken 3 Jan 1794-5, by James X WELLS & Tho: X CLARKE. Will dated 30 May 1793.

In the name of God, Amen. The last Will & Testament of Joseph SMITH of Haddam, on Connecticut River: First, my lands to my Brothers & Sisters in equal proportion. 2ndly, The Money in my Brother William ELY's Hand to be equally divided amongst my Brothers & Sisters, & what Money is due tome from Capt. John JOES (IVES) shall likewise be divided amongst my Brothers & Sisters as before. And a Broad Cloth Coat & a Caliminco Jacket & Breeches & 2 paire of Stockings and white Neck Cloth to be divided amongst the rest of my estate, and my Mother to have an Equal Share of all that has been mentioned.

Joseph SMITH, L.S.

Witness: Abraham GORDING, Benjamin SAVAGE, Samuel WHITE.

The Cloth at the Francklin's, in Boston, where he did lodge when he was in Boston.
Part of the Inventory of Mr. Joseph SMITH of Haddam:

By Cash in his Brother ELY's Hand, 15-00-00
By Cash in his Brother John SMITH's Hand, 6-11-07
By a Broad Cloth Sute, 6-00-00
By Land at Mattamodus, 60 acres, 15-00-00
By Land on the River side, 6-10-00
By a 3-acre Lott on the East side of 30 Mile Island, [no value set]
Total: 49-01-07

Court Record, Page 79 -- 30 Jan 1794-5: Will approved. Adms. to John SMITH with Will annexed.

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