Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 194

Lt. Nathaniel SAVAGE, Middletown. Invt. 982-13-00. Taken 30 Jan 1734-5, by Nathaniel WHITE & Samuel SHEPHERD. Will dated 25 Apr 1733.

I, Nathaniel SAVAGE of Middletown, do make this my last will & testament: I give to Esther, my beloved wife, whom I likewise ordain my sole executrix, 1-4 part of all my moveable estate, likewise the use of 1-2 of my dwelling house, with half the cellarage, with half the barn and the use of half that part of my lott on which my dwelling house stands, 1-2 of the orchard and other conveniences belonging thereto, and likewise the use of all my imporveable meadow; all this during her life. I give to my eldest son John SAVAGE the whole of that part of my lott against y dwelling house, east of the highway, his mother's interest excepted; and likewise all the west end of that lott on which my house stands, running east so far as the cross fence as it now stands, with liberty to pass and re-pass to and from it where it may be convenient at least damage to the rest of the lott; and likewise that part of my meadow land in Wongunk which lyeth above the crick, excepting half an acre lying next to his Uncle Jonathan's meadow, and his mother's interest excepted; and likewise all that piece of land which I bought of Nathaniel STOCKING lying by Richard GILL's land; and likewise my interst in the last three miles granted to the Town of Middletown, together with half my right in the common or undivided land in the town, and likewise half of both parts of my half-mile lott lying near Shamger BERNIS (BARNES or BOURNE?), and over the hill, however it may be butted & bounded; and likewise the use of half my dwelling house & barn, with yarding convenient, until his brother comes of age. I give to my son Jabez SAVAGE my dwelling house and barn and the land on which it stands, running westward until it comes to his brother John's part, with a half acre in Wongunk meadow, lying next his uncle Jonathan WARNER's land. I gve to my daughters, Esther, Abigail, Susanah, Mary & Elizabeth, 1-2 of all my rights in the last three miles granted to the Town of Middletown, together with 3-4 of all my moveable estate (excepting one pair of 3-year-old steers and husbandry tools), to be divided thus, viz., my dughters Susanah, Mary & Elizabeth first of all to have each of them as much as their sisters Esther & Abigail have each of them had, and then the remainder to be equally divided among the five children. This I give to my five daughters and and their heirs forever. And further, I give to my two sons, John & Jabez, one paire of 3-year-old steers and all my husbandry tools, to be divided equally between them.

Nathaniel SAVAGE, L.S.

Witness: Joseph WHITE, John McCLEANE, William KESSON

Court Record, Page 19 -- 4 Feb 1734-5: Will now exhibited by Esther SAVAGE, widow, who declined to be executrix. Adms. to the widow with the will annexed.

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