Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 109

David SAGE, Sen., Middletown. Invt. 753-02-07. Taken 5 Jun 1703, by John HAMLIN, Nathaniel WHITE & John CLARKE, Sen. Will dated 27 Mar 1703.

I, David SAGE, Sen., of Middletown, do make this my last will & testament: I give unto my eldest son David that lott whereon there is a frame of a house, commonly called David's lott, and that 1 acres of boggy meadow which I bought of mother, and the 1-4 part of my boggy meadow in Goose Delight, and my great woodlot on the east side of the Great River. I give unto my son John that lot whereon he hath built and doth now inhabit, and my upper lott at Pistol Point which butts on SCOVELL's, and the part of my Goose Delight meadow, also my great woodlot next Wethersfield bounds. I give unto my two daughters, BULL & JOHNSON, 30 to each, to be paid at my wifes decease. I give to my daughter Mercy 50, 20 of it to be paid when she needs it and the other 30 at her mother's decease. The rest of my estate, personal & real, I leave it with my wife, to be managed by my sons Jonathan & Timothy so that she have a comfortable & creditable maintenance during her natural life, and at her decease to be shared betwixt sd. Jonathan & Timothy, debts and legacies paid. It is my will futher, that my son John shall have my two lots in the Round Meadow.

David X SAGE, L.S.

Witness: John STOW, John ARNOLD, Alexander ROLLO

Court Record, Page 44 -- 4 May 1703: Will proven & invt. exhibited. This Court grant Adms. with the will annexed (as not executor was appointed) to Mary the widow, and Jonathan & Timothy SAGE, sons of the decd.

Page 55 -- 12 Apr 1704: Jonathan SAGE presented an account of his Adms. with his mother & brother on the estate of David SAGE, late of Middletown, decd. Account of debts amounting to 25-01-07. Also what some of the children have received before the death of their father David SAGE, late of Middletown, decd.

David SAGE, 126-01-00
John SAGE, 41-14-06
Ezekiel BULL, 20-00-00
Samuel JOHNSON, 20-00-00
Which account this Court accept and order it to be filed.

Page 119 (Vol. VIII) -- 2 Mar 1712-13: Timothy SAGE of Middletown, son of David SAGE, late of Middletown decd., moved this Court to appoint some suitable persons to make a division of certain lands whihc was bequeathed by the sd. David SAGE in & by his last will & testament jointly to the sd. Timothy SAGE & to his brother Jonathan SAGE, decd.; that the same lands are to be shared equally between the sd. Timothy SAGE and the heirs or legal representatives of Jonathan SAGE, decd. This Court appoint John HAMLIN, Esq., Joseph ROCKWELL, & John CLARK, Sen., distributors.

Page 127 -- 6 Apr 1713: This Court appoints Sergt. Samuel HALL of Middletwon to join with and assist such men as have been appointed to divide certain lands belonging to the estate of David SAGE, late of middletown, who shall attend that work pursuant to an order of this Court, 2nd May last year.

Page 135 -- 4 May 1713: A dist. of certain lands belonging to the estate of David SAGE was now exhibited in this Court by Timothy SAGE, which dist. this Court accepts andorders to be kept on file. The Court grants the sd. Timothy SAGE a Quietus Est.

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