Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 448

John ROBERTS, Middletown. Invt. 130-08-00. Taken 13 Sep 1742, by Jabez BROOKS & Stephen BLAKE.

Court Record, Page 21 -- 5 Apr 1743: It was certified to this Court by Giles HALL, J. P., that Giles ROBERTS, Huldah ROBERTS & Sibbel ROBERTS chose thie uncle William ROBERTS of Middletown to be their guardian. Recog., 200. And this Court appoint the widow Martha ROBERTS, the relict of John ROBERTS of Middletown decd., to be guardian to Jonathan ROBERTS, age 12 years; David, age 10 years, Gideon, age 8 years; Ruth, age 5 years; Sarah, age 4 years, & Annah, age 2 years. Recog., 200.

Adms. to Martha ROBERTS, widow, who gave bond with William ROBERTS for 400.

Page 19 (Vol. XV) -- 5 Aug 1746: Martha ROBERTS, Adms., exhibited an account of her Adms. Accepted. Order distribution of the estate as followeth:

To Martha, the widow, her thirds, 10-03-00
To John ROBERTS, the eldest son, his double part, 3-02-06
To Simeon Giles, Jonathan, David & Gideon ROBERTS, to each, 1-11-03
To Martha ROBERTS (alias BROOKS), hulda, Sibbell, Ruth, Sarah & Hannah ROBERTS, daughters, to each 1-11-03.

And appoint William ROCKWELL, Joseph JOHNSON & Henry HEDGES, of Middletown, distributors. Aso the Court order that the 1-3 of the lands and buildings be set out to the widow for her improvement during life.

Page 27 -- 4 Nov 1746: Jonathan ROBERTS, a minor, 16 years of age, & David ROBERTS, age 14 years, sons of John ROBERTS, chose their uncle Samuel LEWCAS of Middletown to be their guardian. Recog., 300.

Page 80 -- 6 Dec 1748: Gideon ROBERTS, age 14, son of John ROBERTS, chose his uncle Jonathan ROBERTS to be his guardian. Recog., 500.