Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 559

          PERSIVALL, James, Haddam. Died 4 November, 1728. Invt. 802-16-06. Taken 29 November, 1728, by Timothy FULLER, Daniel GATES and Jeremiah GATES. Will dated 1st August, 1728.

          I, James PERSIVALL, Sen., do make this my last will and testament: I give to my wife Mary PERSIVALL all the moveables that she brought with her, to be wholly at her own dispose; and so long as she continue my widow she shall have one room in my house (which she likes best), also a jade and a cow, which my son John shall take care to provide meat for, both summer and winter yearly; also she shall have yearly the use of corn land enough to raise her bread and corn; and in case she continues my widow and should stand in need, my son John shall yearly allow her what is necessary for her comfortable subsistence. Also I do appoint my wife sole executrix, or, if there be occassion, my son James shall assist her in the execution of this my last will and testament. I give to my eldest son Joseph PERSIVALL all my lands lying at the place commonly called Fall Brook, except 10 acres; as also the lott which is yet to be laid out in the eighth division, and half my right in all the undivided land. I give to my son John PERSIVALL my house, barn, orchard, shop and homelott, with the conveniences that belong thereto, as also 37 acres of land in Middletown bounds and 10 acres of land at the north end of my land at Fall Brook, and the other half of my right in all the undivided lands, as also all my chattells and moveables, unless what is otherrwise expressly disposed of in this my will. I give to my daughter Mary, personally, the bed and bedding that is called hers; also 50 either in moveables or in money. If she chooses money, my son John shall take the moveables and pay her the 50. Now, to confirme and ratifye this my last will and testament to all intents and purposes, I have, in Haddam, on the east side of the river, this first day of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and twenty-eight, set my hand and seal.

                                        Jeams X PERSIVALL, Sen.
In the presence of:
Daniel CONE

          Court Record, Page 207 -- 3 December, 1728: Adms to John PERCIVALL, son of sd. decd. Exhibit of inventory.