Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 186

          PELTON, John, Middletown, East. Died 15 July, 1735. Invt. 225-11-06. Taken 20 August, 1735, by Nathaniel NICHOLS and John PENFIELD. Will dated July, 1735.

          I, John PELTON of Middletown, do make this my last will and testament: I give to my wife Jemima all my household goods, to be her estate forever. I asl give to her the use of 1-2 of my house in Middletown, and the use of 1-3 part of my 400-acre farm called the School lott, during the time she continues my relict and widow. I give to my eldest son John, besides what I have advanced towards his settlement, my 50 in Potopogue Quarter in Saybrook, together with the divisions and allottments of land that have been laid out thereupon and have not been to me conveyed, and also that shall hereafter be laid out upon sd. right or belonging thereto. To my son James (besides what I have already given him) I give him 5 shillings. And upon condition tht my son James shall discharge my executors from all claims and demands which he may pretend to have against my estate, and as he ought to do, shall resign up his claims and interests in tow yoke of my oxen (which I heretofore mortgaged to him) unto my executors that the sd. oxen may by them be disposed of as in this my will I shall order then my will is that he shall have 40 paid to him, as I shall hereafter direct, within four years after my decease. To my two sons, Phineas and Johnson, I give the 1-2 of my avovesd. 400 acres called the School lott, together with 1-2 of my dwelling house thereon standing, to them, their heirs and assigns forever, on condition that they pay out such legacies as I shall hereafter order. To my other two sons, Joseph and Josiah, and to my daughter Mary, I give the other half of my sd. 400 acres, to be between them three equally divided, to be to them, their heirs and assigns forever, upon condition that they pay out such legacies as I shall hereafter order. I give to my daughter Jemima 20. To my other three daughters, Sarah, Elizabeth and Ketureh, I give to each of them 20. To my four sons, Phineas, Johnson, Joseph and Josiah, I give and bequeath all my cattle, husbandry tools and utensils, to be equally divided between them. I give and bequeath my 200 acrs of land in Middletown, which I bought of Mr. WOODWARD, to my executors hereafter named, to be by them sold for the payment of my debts and for no other purpose. My wife Jemima and my son Phineas PELTON to be executors.

                                        John X PELTON, L.S.
Witness: Hez: BUCKINGHAM,
Solomon WHEAT,

          Court Record, Page 32 -- 2 September, 1735: Will proven.

          Page 6 (Vol XV) 1st March, 1746: Joseph PELTON of Middletown, one of the heirs to the estate of John PELTON, moves this Court that freeholders may be appointed to divide one certain piece of land lying in Middletown, containing about 400 acres, and is on the east side of the Great River, being one of the long lotts, so called, the executors neglecting and refuseing to divide the same. Whereupon this Court appoint Joseph FRARY, William ROCKWELL and Samuel WADSWORTH, of Middletown, to make division and partition of sd. land according to the last will and testament of the sd. deceased to the heirs, and make return of their doings to this Court.