Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 100

          PAMPENUM, Indian Woman. The last will and testament of PAMPENUM, an Indian Woman, late of the Town of Haddam, decd., vizt.: I PAMPENUM, an Indian Squaw of or belonging to Haddam, alias Thirty Mile Island, in the County of Hartford, widow, having no issue or children of my own body, to prevent inconveniency and trouble which may arise in the disposing of my estate, do make this my last will and testament: I give unto WAWQUASHAT, my own natural brother, now residing or dwelling in Hardford, 2-7 parts of my island, situate in (or surrounded and invironed with) the Great River, near Haddam aforementioned, usually known by the name of Thirty-Mile Island, which 2-7 parts shall be and remain for his son name SEEMOOK (after the decease of the sd. WAWQUASHAT) and his heirs forever. I also give unto my 2 cosens, MASKPOOH and TAKAMISK NANNICOS, son and daughter, and unto PAUHAKEHUN NANNICOES, grandson, 3-7 parts of my sd. island, to be equally divided amongst them. And unto WAMPEAWASK, a woman, and her son MAHAMETUPS, I give the rest of my sd. island, being 2-7 parts thereof, equally to be divided between them, every one of which parts or parcels of my sd. island given to my sd. relations and friends as above mentioned shall be by them respectively taken, entered on, and possessed immediately after my decease, and shall remain to them, their heirs or assigns, forever, as their proper and real estate, and shall not be by them or any of them alienated or sold to any person or persons at any time or times hereafter forever. For confirmation and establishment of all which I have to these presents subscribed and sealed at Hartford this 20th day of May, Anno Dom. 1697.

          PAMPENUM X L.S.
Witness: Caleb STANLY, Junr.,
Joseph EASTON, Junr.

          PAMPENUM, an Indian woman, belonging to Haddam, personally appeared in Hartford this 20th day of May 1697, and acknowledged or owned that she fully understood the contents of what is above written and that it was fully her will and minde and her last testament.

          Before me, Samuel MASON, Assistant.

          Court Record, Page 54 -- 9 March, 1703-4: Joseph ARNOLD presented the last will of Pampenum to this court. And whereas, there was another will made by the sd. squaw formerly exhibited in Court by Caleb STANDLY, which was prior to this that is now presented, the consideration whereof the Court refer to their sessions to be holden on the 2nd Tuesday of April next.