Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 557

          OLMSTED, Samuel, East Haddam. Died 13 January, 1726. Inventory taken by Joshua BRAINARD, Isaac SPENCER, and Samuel EMMONS.

          Court Record, Page 129 -- 5 May, 1726: Adms. to Mary OLMSTED, widow, and John OLMSTED, son of sd. decd. Recog., 300, with Samuel OLMSTED.

          Page 131 -- 3 June, 1726: John OLMSTED, Adms. on the wstate of Samuel OLMSTED, late of Haddam decd., exhibited an account of Adms. of the estate: Paid in debts and charges, 16-08-09; the inventory, with addition, 580-13-04; subtracting 16-08-09, there remains 564-04-07 to be dist. Order: To Mary OLMSTED, widow, 78-05-02 with dower; to Samuel OLMSTED, eldest son, 2-18-00 with what he has received of his father's estate (452-11-03), which is his double portion; to John, 2nd son, 79-15-00, he having formerly received 148; to Sarah CONE, eldest daughter, 202-14-11, she having formerly receive 25-01-00. To Elizabeth CHURCH, another daughter, 200-10-09, she having formerly received 27-04-03; which with what they have respectively received, is their single portion of sd. estate. And appoint Joshua BRAINARD, Isaac SPENCER and Thomas CONE of Haddam, distributors.

          Page 122 - 14 March, 1726-7: John OLMSTED, and also the distributors, vizt., Joshua BRAINARD, Isaac SPENCER and Thomas CONE, inform this Court that in sd. dist. therein ordered out of the homsted of the decd. (to Sarah CONE 44-02-07 and to Elizabeth CHURCH 4-10-07) will much damnify it, and desire that the sd. John may pay the sd. daughters in money and save the homested entire. Allowed.