Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 182

          MILLER, Thomas, Middletown. Invt. 175-12-10. Taken 8 November, 1735, by John WARNER, Samuel GIPSON and Stephen MILLER.

          Court Record, Page 46 -- 1st June, 1736: Account of Adms. now exhibited by Ephraim SQUIRE, Adms. Accepted.

          Page 49 -- 3 August, 1736: Stephen MILLER and James MILLER exhibit an agreement for a final settlement under their hands and seals.

          Pag 369 - 3 August, 1736: To all people to whome these presents shall come, greeting: Whereas, we, Stephen MILLER and James MILLER, both of Middletown, are by heirship and quitclaims from the other heirs of our honered father, Thomas MILLER, late of Middletown deceased, the lawfull owners of the real estate of our sd. father lying and being in sd. Middletown, which we agree to divide as followeth: We do agree to improve the mill joyntly, each one to hold an equal share therein, with all priviledges and appurtenances thereof, excepting the mill land. And the said James MILLER, in consideration that the sd. Stephen MILLER doth give me a lowfull quitclaim of all his right to the dwelling house and three acres of land that we bought of our uncles, Benjamin, John, and Elijah MILLER, do agree that he the sd. Stephen MILLER shall have and hold all the dwelling house that did belong to our said father, and one acre and an half more than half the lot on which siad house standeth, to lye on the northern side thereof, which land contains in the whole lot about eighteen acres. And all that piece of land that lies on the hill called Captain's Hill, being westward from the mill, and all that piece of land that lies on the northern sid of ye path or highway from the mill to the sd. dwelling house, unto all which I, the sd. James, do quitclaim to him the sd. Stephen, his heirs and assigns forever. And I, the sd. Stephen, do agree that he the sd. James shall have and all the remainder of sd. eighteen acre lott, to lye on the southern side thereof, bieng the equall half of it wanting one acres and a half acre; and all that piece of land that lyeth southward on the sd. path or highway that leads from the mill to the dwelling house abovesaid, unto all which I, the sd. Stephen, do quitclaim to him the sd. James, his heirs and assigns forever.

                                        Stephen MILLER, L.S.
                                        James MILLER

          In the presence of:
          Lambeton COOPER,
          William Rockwell

          And acknowledged.

          Acknowledged in Court, 3 August, 1736. Test: Jos: TALCOTT, Jun'r, Clerk.

          Page 13 (Vol XIII) 2 August, 1737: Ephraim SQUIRE, Adms., exhibited an account of his Adms. Pursuant to an act of the General Assembly, 12 May, 1737, this Court direct the Adms. to sell land to the value of 29-14-10.

          Page 29 -- 2 May 1738: Return of the sale of land by Ephraim SQUIRE, Adms. All excpt the mill platt not being sufficient to pay all the debts, the mills, house and utensils ordered to be sold.

          Page 96 -- 21 July, 1741: Moses MILLER, age 18 years, son of Thomas MILLER, chose Ephraim SQUIRE of Durham to be his guardian. Recog., 100. Cert: Giles HALL, J.P.