Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 546

          MILLER, Thomas, Haddam East Society. Invt. in land 762-10-00. Taken 17 October, 1728, by John SPENCER, John CHURCH, and Jabez CHAPMAN.

          I, Thomas MILLER of Haddam, do make this my last will and testament: I give unto Rebeckah MILLER, my wife, 1-3 part of the use or income of all my land, houseing, barn or orchards and wells, which she shall quietly and peaceably possess and imporve as she shall judge most to her advantage during her widowhood. I give to her 1-3 part of all my moveable estate as her own, excepting my husbandry tools. I give to my son Thomas MILLER 1-2 the lott on which I now dwell, 1-2 of another lott that lyes between the lands of Brother Joseph DUTTON and the lott on which I now dwell. I give to him 40 right in the undivided land in the Society. I give to my son Matthew MILLER the other half of the lott on which I now dwell. I give to him the other half of the aforsd. lott that lyes between me and brother DUTTON, all which lands, houseing, barn and orchards I give him forever. Also I give to him the half of the right that remains after Thomas hath his 40. I also give to him all my husbandry tools, excepting what I shall hereafter dispose of in this my last will and testament. I give to my son John MILLER 3 lotts of land in this Society, one in the sixth division and the other two in the eighth division, butted and bounded as will appear by the surveys on record. I also give him 1 chain, 1 axx, 1 sythe and 1 plowshare, all which lands, rights and goods I give him forever. I give to my loving daughter Rebeckah MILLER three score and 5 to be paid to her in the following time and manner, that is to say, my son Thomas MILLER shall pay to her 10 immediately after the execution of this my last will and testament; and he shall pay yearly, after the first payment, 10 a year until he hath paid up 30, which is the whole of what I require him to pay her. My son Matthew shall likewise pay her 10, and 10 yearly to the sum of 30, which, with what my son Thomas shall pay, will amount to 60. It is my will that my son John MILLER shall pay to my daughter Rebeckah, six years after he shall come of age, 1-13-04 a year for the space of three years, which will amount to 5, which with what the abovesd. Thomas and Matthew MILLER are required as above to pay to her, will make up the aforesd. sum of 65, which is the whole of her portion. I give to my daughter Elizabeth the sum of 3 score and 5 to be paid to her at the same several times by ye abovesd. Thomas, Matthew and John MILLER. I give to my daughter Hannah 65, to be paid by Thomas, Matthew and John Miller. I dow hereby authorize Ensign John CHURCH and Jabez CHAPMAN to make as equal and equitable divsion of the lands that I have given to my two sons, Thomas and Matthew, as they can, according to the best of their judgement. I appoint my wife Rebeckah and my son Thomas MILLER executors.

                                        Thomas MILLER, L.S.
Witness: John X Spencer,
Isaac WYLLEY, Jr.,

          Note: 30 November, 1728: A report of the divisions of the lands between Thomas and Matthew MILLER, to which they unanimously agree.

                    Signed: John CHURCH, Jabez CHAPMAN

          Court Record, Page 206 -- 3 November, 1728: The last will and testament of Thomas MILLER, late of Haddam, decd., was now exhibited by Rebeckah MILLER, widow, and Thomas MILLER, son of sd. decd., executors named in sd. will, who accepted that trust in Court. Sd. will is proved, approved and accepted in Court, and ordered to be recorded and kept on file. And the sd. executor exhibited an inventory.

          Page 216 -- 1st April, 1729: This Court appoint Rebeckah MILLER, widow, to be guardian of hier children, viz., Matthew, age 19 years, and John MILLER, age 16 years. Recog., 100.

          Page 207 -- 3 December, 1728: Rebeckah MILLER to be guardian to her daughter Hannah MILLER, age 13 years. Recog., 50.