Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 1, p 334

          MILLER, Thomas, Middletown. Invt. 486-04-00. Taken 10 September, 1680, by Thomas WETTMORE, James TAPPINE, Richard HALL & William CHEENY. The children: Thomas age 14 years, Samuel 13, Joseph 10, Benjamin 8, Margaret 4, Sarah one year old. Will dated 11 August, 1680.

          The last Will & Testament of Thomas MILLER of Middletown, in the County of Hartford, being something about 70 years of age, not knowing the day of my death, is as followeth: After committing my Spirit to God who gave it, & my Body to a decent Burial, I do dispose of that portion of worldly Goods as followeth: Imprimis: My Will is that my Estate shall be divided equally amongst all my sons after my wives decease, they paying my daughters out of it half so much apeice as any of their portions, my wife injoying the Use of my House & Lands & Stock for her Life time. The other Lands which are not fit for Improvement at present, nor under fence, may be divided to them as part of their portions as they come to age. And respecting my daughter BACON, I have already paid her her full portion before her death, & therefore do not see Cause to do anything now to my son-in-law Nathaniel BACON, & making my loving wife Sarah MILLER sole Executrix.

                                        Thomas X MILLER, Sen.

Witness: William CHENNY,

          Court Record, Page 32 -- 2 December, 1680: Will exhibited by the Relict and proven.

          Page 192 (Vol X) 7 May, 1728: Whereas Thomas MILLER, formerly of Middletown, in & by his last Will & Testament did appoint his wife Sarah executrix and impowered her to set out his Estate to the Children their portion in sd. Will, and the sd. Executrix being lately deceased, not having fully dist. sd. Estate according to the sd. Will, this Court do appoint and impower Messrs. Samuel HALL, Solomon ADKINS & Samuel FRARY, of Middletown, or any two of them, to Dist. the Estate of sd. Decd. not before proportioned to & amongst the Heirs of the sd. Decd.

          Dist. on File: 10 December, 1728: To the Heirs of Thomas MILLER (eldest son), to Samuel MILLER, to the Heirs of Joseph MILLER, to Benjamin MILLER (4th son), to John MILLER (youngest son), and to Isaac JOHNSON in Right of his wife Margaret MILLER, To George HUBBARD in Right of his wife Mehetable MILLER, to Smith JOHNSON in Right of his wife Sarah MILLER. By Samuel FRARY, Solomon ADKINS & William ROCKWELL.

          George HUBBARD, who married Mehetabell, one of the daughters of the deceased, desired an Appeal from the Judgement of this Court in accepting the aforsd. Dist., to the Superior Court. Granted.

          Page 210 -- 2 January, 1728-9: Report of the Dist.