Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 257

          MARKHAM, Deacon Daniel, Middletown. Invt. 384-15-09. Taken 18 February, 1711-12, by John HAMLIN, Joseph ROCKWELL, and John BACON.

          Will dated 23 November, 1708: I, Daniel MARKHAM, Sen. of Middletown, in the County of Hartford, do ordain this my last will and testament: I give and bequeath unto Patience my wife, whom I ordain my only and sole executrix, so much of my estate as she may choose to improve during life and 20; also my negro SAMPSON during her life, and then to be free, if she live fourteen year after the date hereof. I give to my daughters Martha and Edith 20. My sons Daniel and James MARKHAM to have the refusal of my lands, they paying their sisters' portion. Also to my son Daniel and James MARKHAM, to each of them, 50 in lands. I give to my daughter Elizabeht BATES, 39-15-00. I further give her feathers enough to fill a bed. To my daughter Martha CENTER, 44-10-08, to whom I further give 4 or 5 rods of ground where Jonathan CENTER's house standeth. I give unto my son Daniel MARKHAM my gun and sword. I request Mr. RUSSELL, Samuel BIDWELL and Joseph ROCKWELL to be overseers.

                                        Daniel MARKHAM, L.S.
Witness: John HAMLIN,
Noadiah RUSSELL,

          Court Record, Page 66 -- 7 April, 1712: The last will of Daniel MARKHAM was now exhibited by Patience MARKHAM, widow, executrix. Daniel MARKHAM the son appealed to the Superior Court.

          Pge 203 -- 8 June, 1714: Upon the motion of Daniel MARKHAM, son of Deacon Daniel MARKHAM decd., a citation issued to Patience MARKHAM, widow, executrix of sd. decd., to appear and choose the 20 give her by the will during life, and give bond that at her death or marriage all those goods that remain except 20, and all except what shall be needful for the payment of debts, shall be returned to the children in as good order as when taken, or the value thereof, and that the buildings and fences be kept in good repair.

          Page 205 -- 15 July, 1714: Patience MARKHAM now appeared in Court, per the order 8 June last. She being dissatisfied with the resolve of this Court, appealed to the Superior Court.

          Page 66 (Vol. IX) 3 June, 1718: Patience MARKHAM being summoned to answer the demands of James and Daniel MARKHAM, sons of sd. decd., as set forth in the writ of April, 1718, this Court do not see cause to grant what is prayed for.

          Page 75 -- 5 August, 1718: James MARKHAM appealed to the Superior Court from a decision of this Court in favor of Patience MARKHAM.