Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 542

          MARK, William, Middletown. Whereas, William MARK, late of Middletown decd., having estate in his lifetime not disposed of, both real and personal, the widow, Mary MARK, William Joseph and Jonathan MARK, sons, and Mary and Sarah, daughters of the sd. decd., being all of lawfull age and desirous that the estate of the deceased may be settled in peace and love, have agreed as followeth:

          To a small house claboarded and shingled, two loos floars, and 3-4 of an acre of land the house stands upon, to one acres and 3-4 of poor boggy meadow, and to the household goods and husbandry utensils and shoemaker toos and apparrell, one cow and 3 swine, 1 cowhide and calfskin.

          We, the above named widow and children, have agreed as follows: To the widow, a third part of the house and lands during her lifetime; the other two parts to the two daughters, Mary and Sarah MARKS; the widow and daughters paying the debts and receiving the dues, viz., each one to pay their equal part of debts and also receive their equal part of dues; and to have the cow and swine. The apparrell divided among the three sons as they have agreed to; the household goods divided between the widow and two daughters as they have agreed. To William MARK, hors, traces, color and harnes, a pair of iron fetters and a broad hoe. The remainder of the husbandry utensils and shoemakers' tools to the widow and 2 daughters as they all have agreed.

          To about 700 acres of land at Dunstable, in Boston Government, with all lawfull rights belonging to itt, which we the above-named have agreed to divide equally (excepting William MARK, eldest son, having a double part). And in confirmation of the above written agreement we have this 3 day of August, 1728, set to our hands and affixed out seals.
Mary MARK, L.S. Jonathan MARK, L.S.
William MARK, L.S. Mary MARK, L.S.
Joseph MARK, L.S. Sarah MARK, L.S.

Witness: Joseph ROCKWELL,
Jonathan SMITH, Jr.

          Court Record, Page 196 -- 6 August, 1728: An agreement exhibited in Court for the settlement of William MARK's estate. Accepted.