Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 81

Patrick MACKLARREN, Middletown. Invt. 250-00-00. Taken 16 Mar 1732, by John WARNER, Samuel GIPSON & James BROWN.

Court Recrod, Page 64 -- 4 Apr 1732: Dorothy MACKLARREN, widow, declines Adms. on the estate of her husband Patrick MACKLARREN, late of Middletown decd. Adms. granted to Nathaniel OTIS of Colchester, with Hezekiah HUCHESON of Hebron.

Page 81 -- 6 Feb 1732-3: Nathaniel OTIS, Adms., reports the estate insolvent, and moves to this Court that commissioners be appointed. This Court appoint John BULKELEY & Ephraim WELLS of Colchester.

Page 11 (Vol XII) -- 1 Sep 1734: The commissioners on the estate of Patrick MACLARREN, viz., Messrs. John BULKELEY & Ephraim WELLS of Colchester, having had an order of the Court to adjust the claims of creditors on sd. estate, and by reason of Mr. OTIS, the Adms., informing them that some effects belonging to the estate of the sd. deced. were in Scotland and some in Barbados, the sd. commissioners thereupon did not proceed according to sd. order, but the effects being come to hand this Court do order and appoint the commissioners to receive and examine all claims of the several creditors on the estate of the sd. decd. and how they are made out, and to act and doe in all things whereto their office as commissioners hath relation according to law, and the creditors on sd. estate are allowed 6 months to bring in their claims and prove their debts.

Page 8 (Vol. XIII) -- 18 May 1737: The commissioners reprot interest on a bond to James GOODWIN, merchant, of 100 sterling, with interest until paid, which ws allowed until the decease of the sd. McLARREN, sd. bond to be paid when an average is made.