Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 430

Thomas LEWIS, Middletown. Invt. 210-12-00. Taken 16 Nov 1743, by Jonathan WOOD & Ebenzer CLARK.

Court Record, Page 34 -- 6 Dec 1743: This Court grant Adms. on the estate of Thomas LEWIS & Shubael LEWIS of Middletown decd. (father & son) unto Elnathan ROWLEY of Colchester, who gave bonds with George SEXTON, Jr., of sd. Colchester, for 500 for their faithfull Adms. Exhibited an inventory, which is approved, ordered to be recorded and kept on file. Also, the sd. Adms. informed the Court that the estate of the sd. deceased was insolvent, and prays commissioners may be appointed to adjust a claim of creditors: Whereupon this Court do appoint and impower Jonathan WOOD & Ebenezer CLARK of Middletown to receive and adjust the claim of the creditors. Also, this Court have set out a list of moveable of the estate of the sd. decd. to Mary LEWIS, widow of the sd. decd. The particulars amount to the sum of 13-12-00, which account is on file.

Page 51 -- 11 Dec 1744: Whereas, the General Assembly holden at New Haven on the 2nd Thursday of October 1744, appointed Elnathan ROWLEY of Colchester to sell so much of the real estate of Thomas LEWIS, late of Middletown decd., as should procure the sum of 82-12-01 bills of credit of the old tenor, together with incident charges arising, and by the direction of the Court of Probate in Hartford County: whereupon this Court directs the sd. Adms. to make sale of the lands of the sd. decd., viz., one certain piece of land lying in the three-mile division of land on the east side of the Connecticut River in sd. Middletown, being the 38th lottment in sd. division, containing 35 acres & 30 rods of land, or so much of sd. land as will procure sd. sum and charges of sale. And the Court directs the Adms. to set up advertisements in some publick places in Middletown 20 days before the sale, signifying that there is to be sold such piece or parcell of land, such a day & time of day, to the highest bidder at publick vandue and at the beat of the drum, and make report to this Court.