Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 1, p 477

John KENNOE, Haddam. Invt. 49-08-06. Taken 5 Feb 1787-8, by James WELLES, John BATE, & Alexander ROWE. Will Nuncupative, dated 3 Jun 1687-8: These are to certify all whome it may concerne, that I, John KENNOE, of Haddam, bestowe & give my three acres lott unto my wife & son, as also my House, Moveables & Homested, unto the above-sd. persons, with the 6 acres in the Little Meadow, as also the 26 acres lying by John BATE with my Right in the Undivided Land belonging to me. I farther give and bestorw on the above mentioned persons my horse & Cattle, Great & Smale, & likewise my swine. And unto Grace SPENCER, living with me, I give 40 Shillings in Country Pay.


Witness: John JONES

Court Record, Page 3 -- 24 Oct 1689: An Inventory of the Estate of John KENNER was exhibited in Court, and the Court finding no Will made by John KENNOE which can be proven, made Dist. of the Estate: To the Widow, 1-3 part of the Lands during her natural life, & 12 of Personal estate. And to the son, the whole of the Lands, 2-3 when he comes of age, and 1-3 after his Mother's decease, 6 in Inventoried Estate; and to the daughter, 13 of the Personal Estate when she comes of age.

Page 18 -- 4 Sep 1690. The Adms. refuse to act, and this Court appoint Thomas SHAYLOR Adms.

Page 64 -- 6 Dec 1793: Thomas SHAYLOR has recd of the estate 12-08-09. This Court leave it with the said SHAYLOR, He paying the Interest to the Widow of the said KENNAE, now the Wife of John TANNER. And the said Thomas SHAYLOR, with Alexander ROWLEY, bind themselves in the sum of 20 in money to pay the sayd money to the Child when it comes of age,and to pay Interest at the rate of 6 per Hundred as it becomes due.

Thomas SHAYLOR, Alexander ROWLEY.

{Note: The son received his portion in Lands, the Daughter in Money.]

Page 91 (Vol VII) -- 3 Mar 1706-7: The County Court at Hartford, 6 Dec 1693, did order that Thomas SHAYLOR of Haddam, who then had the Custody of 12-08-09 as Money of the Estate of John KENNER Decd, should still have & keep the same until Elizabeth, daughter of the sd. John KENNER, is 18 years of age. And now the sd. Thomas SHAYLOR presents a receipt to the Court & discharge of both Principal & Interest, under the hand of the sd. Widow & Elizabeth her daughter, now of age. This Court fully discharge Alexander ROLLO & Thomas SHAYLOR.