Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 420

Eunice JACKSON, Middletown. Invt. 391-14-10. Taken 9 Jun 1743, by Cheney CLARK & William ROCKWELL.

Court Record, Page 25 -- 13 Jun 1743: This Court grant Adms. of the estate of Eunice JACKSON, late of Middletown, unto Ambrose CLARK of Middletown, who gave bonds with Samuel PELTON for 100 money.

Page 26 -- 13 Jun 1743: Ann JACKSON, a minor, 12 years of age, chose her uncle Ambrose CLARK to be her guardian. Recog., 100.

Page 28 -- 17 Aug 1745: Eunice JACKSON, 15 years of age, chose Alexander DOUGLAS of Wallingford to be her guardian. Recog. 200.

Page 9 (Vol. XV) -- 1 Apr 1746: An account of Adms. was now exhibited by Ambrose CLARK, which account is accepted by this Court and ordered on file.

Page 31 -- 8 Jan 1746-7: Elizabeth JACKSON, 20 years of age, and Eunice JACKSON, 18 years of age, children of Eunice JACKSON decd., chose William ROCKWELL to be their guardian. Recog., 200. Cert: Jabez HAMLIN, J. P.

8 Jan 1746-7: Ambrose CLARK of Middletown, Adms. on the estate of Eunice JACKSON, late of Middletown decd., & William ROCKWELL, guardian to Elizabeth & Eunice JACKSON, & Samuel ROBERTS, son of sd decd., and the sd. Ambrose CLARK as guardian to Ann JACKSON, moved to this Court that the moveable estate of the sd. decd. may be distributed to the heirs of the sd. estate.

The moveables, now that the debts & charges are paid, amount to the sum of 40-05-00

To the eldest son, 16-02-00

To each of the three daughters, to Elizabeth, Eunice & Anne JACKSON, to each of them, 8-01-00.

And appoint Capt. Daniel HALL, Capt. Joseph SOUTHMAYD & Ephraim ADKINS, of Middletown, distributors.
And whereas, the heirs to the estate of the sd. deced., by an agreement under their hands, as may appear in the files of this Court, have agreed that the real estate of the sd. decd. shall be distributed with the guardians to sd. minors, this Court directs the sd. distributors to make division by bounds of the lands of the sd. decd. to sd. heirs: To Samuel ROBERTS, son of sd. decd., a double share; and to the three above named daughters their single shares; and make return of their doings to this Court.

Page 99 -- 23 Mar 1747: Then received of Ambrose CLARK, Adms. on the estate of my mother, Eunice JACKSON decd., 16-02-00 in full of my part of sd. estate. Samuel ROBERTS. Witness: Ambrose CLARK, Samuel ROBERTS.

23 Jan 1747: Received of my honoured uncle, Ambrose CLARK, Adms. on the estate of my hounoured mother Eunice JACKSON decd., 8-01-00 in full of my part of sd. estate; also the sum of 11 old tenor in full for a cow of sd. estate belonging to me, in the hands of my sd. uncle. Elizabeth X Jackson. Witness: William ROCKWELL.

20 Apr 1747: Received of Ambrose CLARK, Adms. on the estate of my mother Eunice JACKSON, decd., 8-01-00, which is in full my part of sd. estate. Eunice X JACKSON. Witness: Thomas STEVENS, Samuel CLARK.

3 Aug 1748: Received of Ambrose CLARK, Adms. on the estate of my mother Eunice JACKSON decd., 8-01-00, which is my part of sd. estate. Anne X JACKSON. Witness: Daniel WARD, Isaac BARNES.