Saybrook, Middlesex County, Conn. Probate Records
Vol. 9 1826 - 1830 and Vol. 10 1831 - 1838 (FHL Film #5532)
Vol. 11 1838 - 1844 and Vol. 12 1844 - 1852 (FHL Film #5533)

[Transcribed by Julia Marshall]

HURD, Daniel
Town of Saybrook, Conn. Probate Records Vol. 12 1844 - 1852

pp 318
Appt To Distributors widows Dower (14 Oct 1847)
          At the Present term of this Court - The Widow of Daniel Hurd late of Killingworth deceased being now deceased - This Court appoints Ely A. Elliott, Josiah C. Chittenden and George Carter Esq. to distribute that part of the Estate of said Daniel Hurd deceased which was distributed to his widow and set to her as Dower to and among the heirs thereto according to law and then make return to this Court for acceptance & Record

pp 389 Distribution to heirs of Widows dower (2 Jan 1849)
          At the Present term of this Court the following distribution of Estate of Daniel Hurd late of Killingworth Deceased was presented in Court which is accepted and ordered to be recorded as follows viz-
          A Distribution of that part of the real estate of Daniel Hurd late of Killingworth deceased which was set to his widow Esther Hurd as her dower in said estate as made out by the subscriber the 22nd day of February 1848 being qualified as the law directs
          Set to Phebe Dowd a daughter of the said Daniel Hurd deceased sixteen Acres more or less on the north end of a tract of Land near her house Bounded North and west by highway. East partly by land of Jedediah C. Stevens and partly by land of Leet Hurd and Southerly on land of the heirs of said Daniel Hurd ---------$258.00
          Set to the other heirs of said Daniel Hurd deceased as tenants in common a tract of land adjoining the foregoing described tract containing Forty eight acres more or less. Bounded as follows West on Highway North on land set to Phebe Dowd East by land of Leet Hurd, Jedediah C. Stevens and the heirs of Samuel Merrils and south and west by the Highway --------- $903.00
                    Total $1161.00

Distributors: George Carter
J. C. Chittenden
Attest Clark Nott, Clerk

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