Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 1, p 326-327

          HUBBARD, Joseph, Middletown. Invt. 139-11-00. Taken December, 1686, by Nathaniel WHITE, Robert WARNER. The children: Joseph age 15 years, Robert 13, George 11, John 8, Elizabeth 3 years of age.

          There is also a Legacy by Capt. WATT his Will to Joseph HUBBARD.

          Court Record, Page 127 -- 3d March 1686/7: Adms to the Widow. Order to Dist. the Estate and appoint Lieut. Nathaniel WHITE, Robert PORTER (now Dec) & Robert WARNER Overseers to assist the Widow in the management of the Estate.

          Page 139 -- 4 March 1696/7: It appears that two of the Distributors above named Deceased. The Court appoint Robert HUBBARD, one of the Children, Ensign John HALL and Sergt. Thomas WARDE with Capt. WHITE, to distribute the Estate according to the former Order of the Court.

          Page 102 -- (Vol VII) 2 February, 1704/5: Robert, George & Elizabeth HUBBARD of Middletown, children of Joseph HUBBARD, being all of lawful age, Exhibited in this Court an Agreement in writing under their hands & seals, made for the division & settlement of the Estate of the sd. Joseph HUBBARD, and all acknowledged the same beofe this Court to be their free act & deed. This agreement on File, made with the consent and approbation of their Mother: Robert HUBBARD is to have the whole Homestade and Twenty acres ofLand out of the East side of that Lott upon which his brother Goerge hath built and upon which he doth now dwell. George HUBBARD is to have the remainder of the Lott upon which he now lives, being about 75 acres. And John HUBBARD is to have about 17 1/2 acres where he now lives, and the meadow Lott at wongonk, and the one acre of Land at apsson chauge. And Elizabeth HUBBARD, their sister, having alread received 6-10-00 in pay, is to have 13-10-00 more in Country pay, to be paid betwixt George & John HUBBARD within three years after the date hereof. And the above Robert doth by this Instrument take the care of their mother, and doth bind him, his heirs, Executors and administrators, to provide for her and give unto her a comfortable subsistance of food and rayment during her natural life, and other necessities that she shall want. In withness whereof the said Robert, George, John and Elizabeth HUBBBARD, And Mary, their Mother, have unto this Agreement set their hands and seals this 3d day of June, 1704.
Witnesses present: John HAMLIN,
acknowledged 3 December, 1707, before me, John HAMLIN, Assistant.