Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 417

          HUBBARD, Ebenezer, Middletown. Invt. 1152-18-05. Taken 31 May 1743, by Solomon ADKINS and William ROCKWELL. Will dated 23 Jan 1742.

          I Ebenezer HUBBARD of Middletown, being advanced in yars, do make this my last will and testament: Imprimis: I give to Ebenezer SAGE and Hannah his wife, and to thier heirs forever, one acre of land at the west end of my homelott, to runn across ye lott and to extend so far east as to make up one acre. Also, I give them free liberty to use and imporve the well where he hath digged it in my land forever. Also I give to the sd. Hannah SAGE my silver cup after my decease. And this I give them in consideration of the great kindness they have exercised toward me ever since they have twelt near me. I give to my loving cousins, Daniel STOW and Azuba his wife, that now dwell with me, all the remainder of my estate, both real and personal, that is not disposed of in this my last will and testament, to them and their heirs forever. I appoint my cousins, Daniel STOW and Azuba his wife to be executors. And I do hereby order my sd cousin Daniel STOW to pay 40 shilling sto the Church of Christ over which the Rev. Mr. William RUSSELL is Pastor.

                                        EBENEZER HUBBARD, L.S.
Witnesses: Matthew TALCOTT,

          Court Record, Page 24 -- 7 June, 1743: The last will and testament of Ebenezer HUBBARD, late of Middletwon deceased, was now exhibited in Court and proven. Also, exhibited an inventory, which was ordered recorded.

          Page 39 -- 15 February, 1743/4: Daniel STOW of Middletown, executor to the last will and testament of Ebenezer HUBBARD, late of Middletown deceased (also being deceased), and there bein no executor to sd will, this Curt grant Adms. on the estate of the sd. Ebenezer HUBBARD, with the will annexed unto Isaac LEE of Middletown, who gave bond with Ebenezer SAGE of sd. Middletown.