Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 165

Capt. John HOLMES, Haddam East. Invt. 1279-17-00. Taken 17 Jun 1734, by Isaac SPENCER, John CHURCH & Jabez CHAPMAN. Will dated at Hartford, 7 Nov 1733.

I, John HOLMES, of Haddam, do make this my last will & testament: I give to Mary, my wife, the use of my house & barn, and also the use and improvement of 1-3 part of all my real estate during her widowhood, and 1-3 part of my moveable estate forever. I give to my eldest son Thomas so much more of my lands and rights in commons, with that lott which I have already given him by deed, which I value at 100, as to make him equal with either of his three brothers, and whom I make my executor. I give to my son John so much more of my lands and right in commons, with the land which I have already given him, as to make him equal will all the rest of his brothers. The land which I have heretofore given him, together with that right which I bought of Mr. SKINNER, is to be considered at 100 money, whom I also make my executor. I give unto Christopher & eliphalet, my two youngest sons, 100 apiece as money out of my lands more than Thomas & John, under the consideration of my having given them as is above mentioned. And my will is that my interest in the New London Society be equally divided between my four sons, namely, Thomas, John, Christopher & Eliphalet, and the land also which lies in security for the same. I give to my daughter Leucrese 30 as money besides what I gave her at her marriage. I give to my other four daughters, Mary, Grace, Sarah & Abigial, all the remainder of my moveable estate to be equally divided between the, and what that wants of makeing them 70 as money apiece, my will is that their four brothers make it up and pay them as they come of age. Or if any or either of my daughters should remain single after the expiration of their mother's widowhood, my will is that they have the use of 1-2 of my house during their single life, and after that my will is that my house & barn return to my son Christopher.


Witness: Moses NASH, Henry BRACE, Ebenezer SEDWICK.

Court Record, Page 7 -- 2 Jul 1734: Will now exhibited by Thomas & John HOLMES, executors. Proven. Mary HOLMES, widow, relict, to be guardian to three of the children of the deceased, viz., Eliphalet, age 12 years, Sarah 8 years, & Abigail 5 years. Recog. 150.

Dist. File: 23 Oct 1734: Estate Capt. John HOLMES, East Haddam: The lands to sons Thomas, John, Christopher, & Eliphalet HOLMES. The moveable estate to the widow Mary HOLMES; to Lucretia WILLEY, wife of Joseph WILLEY; to Mary, to Grace, to Sarah, and to Abigail HOLMES. By Matthew SMITH & Jabez CHAPMAN.