Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 72-74

          HARRIS, Capt. Daniel. Middletown. Invt. 501-09-00. Taken 19 December 1701, by William SUMNER, John HAMLIN & Israhiah WETMORE. Will dated 13 March 1698/9:

          I, Daniel HARRIS, Sen., of Middletown, do make this my last will and testament. I give to my son Daniel all that lott he now dwells on, excepting only that part alrady disposed of to Comfort STARR. Also remainder of that lott lying to the southward of the Town, about 12 acres; also 1 parcel of land lying at Pecowsett; also 1/2 of my great lot abutting on Farmington and Wethersfield bounds, to be equally parted in the middle of the lott north and south, and my son Daniel to take his choice. Item, I give to my son Thomas HARRIS all that parcel of land which he now stands possessed of, as by deed of gift specified. Item. I give unto my son William HARRIS all those parcels of land as by deed of gift are specified. Item. I give unto my son John HARRIS my now dwelling house, barn, barnyards, orchards, gardens and inclosures now belonging to my home. Also so much of my land not inclosed as reaches from my south fence to my son Thomas HARRIS and John COOK's north line, abutting on KIRBY's land west and on Isaac JOHNSON's land east. Also 1 parcel of land in Hop Swamp, about 26 1/2 acres. Also my negro Mengo, to be wholly at his dispose for and during the term of 20 years after the date hereof, provided that my sd. son John shall provide for myself and my wife all such comfortable and convenient maintenance, both for food and physic, rament, lodging, firing and what else shall be comfortably and conveniently necessary for our comfortable being during our natural lives. And accordingly to take the estate I now stand possessed of into his care, custody and management, to improve on the same to the best advantage for his and our comforts, and then at our decease to stand lawfully seized and possessed of each and every particular givenn to him in this my last will. I give to my daughter Mary JOHNSON one parcel of land in my farm, 65 acres. I give to my daughter Elizabeth the other half of my lott abutting on Wethersfield and Farminton bounds, after my son Daniel has taken his choice; also to my daughter Elizabeth that 2 acres of land in Middletown which I bought of Joseph BULL of Hartford. I give to my daughter Hannah COOK all those two parcels of land which by a deed of gift are already certified. I give unto my grandchild Thankful BIDWELL one parcel of land lying in my farm, 133 acres, which is my last division in my farm. I give unto my grandchild Abiell one parcel of land in my farm, 43 acres. Also it is my will that if either or both of these my grandchildren shall decease before they come to the age of 18 years or the time of their marriage, that the lands given to them shall fall to their parents, that is, Abiell's to her mother (my daughter Elizabeth), and Thankfull BIDWELL's to her father (my son-in-law), Samuel BIDWELL. Also I commit the sd. Abiell unto the care and custody of my son John HARRIS until she attain the age of 18 years or the time of her marriage. I appoint my son John HARRIS and my son-in-law Samuel BIDWELL joint executors, hereby giving, ratifying and confirming tomy sd. son-in-law Samuel BIDWELL what in reversion was to have been my daughter Sarah's.

Witness: Daniel JOHNSON                                         Daniel HARRIS, LS.
Alexander ROLOR.

          Court Record, Page 24 -- 1st January, 1701-2: Will proven

          Page 39 (Vol VIII) 9 November, 1711: Mr. John HARRIS of Middletown, executor of the last will of Capt. Daniel HARRIS (his the said John's father), late of Middletown decd., presented to this Court a distribution of some remaining part of the estate. Allowed, and to be kept on file.           Page 40 -- 19 November, 1711: Isaac JOHNSON objects against the dist. The Court order them to present reasons.

          Page 69 -- 8 April, 1712: Whereas, Daniel HARRIS and Isaac JOHNSON of Middletown did summon and cite John HARRIS and Samuel BIDWELL of said Middletown to appear before this Court of Probate, as executors to the last will of Capt. Daniel HARRIS, late of sd. Middletown decd., to answer the complaint of sd. Daniel HARRIS and Isaac JOHNSON, wherefore the said John HARRIS and Samuel BIDWELL have not performed the trust committed to them, in neglecting to set out to them their legacies according to the said will of the decd., upon consideration whereof this Court are of opion that this case is not cognizable before this Court, and therefore do dismiss the same and do declare that this case is proper and cognizable before the Inferior Court of Common Pleas, and therefore have consided that the said John HARRIS and Samuel BIDWELL shall recover their costs of this court, and cost allowed is fifteen shillings money, and this court do order that executin be issued forth upon this order.