Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 61

John HAMLIN. Esq., Middletown. Invt. 571-03-00. Taken 14 Jun 1733, by John COLLINS, Solomon ADKINS, & Jeames WARD; also Nathaniel WHITE, Ebenezer HURLBUT & Joseph WHITE. Will dated 21 Oct 1732.

I, John HAMLIN, Esq., of Middletown, do make this my last will & testament: I give to my wife, Sarah HAMLIN, if she survive me and see cause to dwell in my house, she shall be comfortably maintained. If she see cause to remove to her own children, she shall be paid 5 money annually for seven years or so long as she bears my name. I give to my wife a guinea which lieth in my secretore, which is in consideration of the great trouble she hath in my present sickness, and also a suitable mourning suit. And the reason why I have given her no more interest in my estate is because before our marriage I proposed to her that I would renounce all property in or use of any estate belonging to her, but that it should be wholly to her and her heirs; and that she should wholly renounce all property in or right to my estate after my decease, but that it should be disposed of to my heirs, unto which proposalls I suppose she consented, and accordingly have performed them on my part. I give to John HAMLIN's children in the this form following: my grandson Giles HAMLIN shall have the house & homestead, and my three granddaughteers, Mehetabel, Elizabeth & Mary, to each of them 60. My will is that my granddaughter Mehetabell shall have 14 acres which her husband hath fenced in on my farm, in lieu of her 60. My will is that my granddaughter Mary shall have an equal share with my four children, Esther, Mary, Sibbell & Jabez, in the division of my moveable estate, and that what wants to make up her 60 to be paid by her brother Giles, when he comes of age, to my granddaughter Mary KING.

N. B. My sister Mehetabell HOOKER to have the desk in the shop that was my father's. I renounce to my daughter JOHNSON any former debt thtat stands upon the book against her. I give to our pastor, Rev. William RUSSELL, 5; and to the Church, 5. I give to my grandsons, Hamlin John HALL, Hamlin JOHNSON, to each of them an ewe sheep. I give to my grandson John HAMLIN my seal ring when he comes of age. I give to my daughter Sibbell DWIGHT my silver salt cellar, and to my granddaughter Esther HALL my two-handled silver cup; to my granddaughter Sibell DWIGHT my silver porringer & silver dram cup. I ordain my son Jabez HAMLIN sole executor.


Witness: John ROCKWELL, ----- WETMORE, William ROCKWELL

Court Record, Page 81 -- 6 Feb 1732-3: Will proven.