Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 1, p 460

Giles HAMLIN, Sr., Middletown. Died 1 Sep 1689. Invt. 2249-18-06. Taken by John ALLYN, Nathaniel WHITE, William SOUTHMAYD & John HAMLIN. Will dated 30 Aug 1689.

I Giles HAMILIN of Middletown doe constitute & ordain this my Last will & Testamen in the maner following: To my son John HAMLIN all that Land that he now possesseth, viz, the Home lot which I bought of Abram SMITH & one parcell of Meadow in the Long meadow which was formerly Henry COALS. Also, I give to my son John, one-halfe of my Lott at Goose's delight, one halfe of my Lott by Lucas's, one-halfe of my Two wood Lotts neer the Towne, my division of Land neer Catp. HARRIS's, halfe oof my out division of Land upon the Straights Hill, halfe my halfe-Mile Lotte, halfeof the swamp I bought of HOPEWELL, & halfe of my upland & pond Lyeing on the east side the great River, as allso 30 of Money which I promised to Lay out with him in part of a vessell, as allso one Silver platter, one great silver spoon, as allso one Cowe & one breeding mare, as allso one silver Hatband, the bigest of the Two. All this I give to him & his heirs forever. To my son Wm. I give my house & Hom stead will all the Buildings upon it, allso my Land on the west side of the High way Lyeing beteen Richd HALL's & John HAMLIN's, as allso my Meadow & Swamp in Long meadow, as allso that parcell of meadow on the South side the Rivulett, & allso my wet meadow & my out division of Land in the boggy meadow quarter, halfe of my Lotte at Goose's delight, halfe my Lot by Lucas's, halfe my Two wood Lotts neer the Towne, halfe of my out division upon Straights Hill, halfe my swamp I bought of HOPEWELL, halfe of my upland & pond Lyeing on the east side the great river, as allso one silver spoon & silver Tumbler, as allso one silver Hat band. All this I give to him & his heirs forever. To my sons Giles & Richard HAMLIN I give all my Lands at Hartford together with my Interest in the Mills, they payeing to thier Mother 14 per year in curent pay of the country during the time of her naturall Life. And also to Giles two silver spoons (one guilt one & the other of the great ones), & a silver wine cup. To Richard, one silver spoon & silver dram cup. And this I give to them & to their heirs foever. To my Loveing Wife: hester HAMLIN I give what rooms in my now dwelling house, with convenient sellridge for her use, as she shall choose, with the use of what moveables she shall see cause to make use of; allso the Improvement of what stock she shall apprehend may be for her advantage, during the time of her widdowhood. To my daughter Mary I give 100 in money, & a proportion of household stuffe as my daughter Mabell hath had, as allso silvers spoons & silver plate, as allso my servant Joan in case she shall need her & my Wife can spare her, & allso Two cowes. This I give to her & her heirs forever. To my daughter Mabell I give 50 in money besides what she hath already had, & one silver spoone, & allso one silver porringer & goblet between Mary & Mabell as they shall agree. This I give to her & her heires for ever. To Samuel HOOKER I give that Cow he had of me. To young John HAMLIN & young Samuel HOOKER I give to each of them one of the small silver spoons; & after my Just debts being discharged & my Legacies payd, my will is that the remaynder of my estate be equally divided between my sons. My Wife Ester & my son John HAMLIN to be Joynt Executors; & I doe request my much Honord friend Col. John ALLYN of Hartford & Lieutenent Nathll WHITE of Middletown to be overseers, & for their paines to be allowed 5 apeice. I give my two gr. sons John & Giles SOUTHMAYD, I give each of them an ew sheep; and to my two grand sons John HAMLIN & Samuel HOOKER I give each of them an ew sheep.

Giles HAMLIN Sen. L.S.

Witness: Nath WHITE senr, Noadiah RUSSELL

Court Record, Page 12 -- 6 Mar 1689-90: Will proven.