Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 564

Giles HALL, Esq., Middletown. Invt. 35,944-00-08. Taken 31 Mar 1753, by Jabez HAMLIN, William ROCKWELL, Isaac SMITH & Ebenezer CLARK. Will dated 9 Jan 1749-50.

I, Giles HALL of Middletown, in the County of Hartford, doe make this my last will & testament, in manner & form following: Item: I give and bequeath to my wife Esther the improvement of my dwelling house and homelott with the buildings thereon, and also my meadow called Smith's meadow in the long meadow, and also liberty to get her own firewood & fencing stuff on any of my woodland where she shall see cause; also liberty to pasture three cows in Hunting Hill pasture or Crowel pasture, so-called; all this I give to her during the term of her natural life. I als give to my sd. wife my negro boy Cesar and the mullatto girl Else. I give her 1-3 part of my personal & moveable estate to be to her and to her heirs foever. I give to my eldest son Giles the lott whereon he has built his house, and also 1-2 of the land at the shipyard that I bought of Leonard WHITE, to lye on the northward side of the lott; also part of my meadow called Bacon's meadow, to extend from the Great River west to the drain; also all my right in the land I bought of the heirs of Sergt. William WARD in the year of 1746, of which purchase my sd. son paid a considerable part though I took the deed to myself; also I give him 4 acres of land adjoining eastward out of my Hunting Hill lott, to lye the length of the before-mentioned land; also one equal quarter part of my stone quarry and land adjoining on the east side of the Great River; all this I give to him and his heirs forever. I give to my sons Hamlin John, Richard & Jabez to each of them one equar quarter part of my stone quary and land adjoining, to them and their heirs foever. And further, my will is that my house and lott that I bought of Giles HAMLIN, and the remainder of my land in the North Society that was granted by the proprietors in part pay for my Durant lott, containing about 70 acres, be sold by my executors as soon as may be, and the produce thereof to be added to the two remaining thirids of my moveable estate, out of which my will is that, my just debts and funeral charges being first paid, the remainder be added to the remainder of my real estate after the before-mentioned legacies are taken out, of which my will is that my daughter Mary shall have 500 old tenor at the apprisement, and the remainder to be equally divided to and amongst my six children, Esther, Giles, Hamlin John, Richard, Jabez, & Mary, to be to them and their heirs forever. I have three small lotts in the third division on the east side of the Great River, commonly called the apprentice's lott, and my will is that my grandson John HALL shall have one of them, and grandson Giles HALL shall have the other two,to be to them and their heirs foever. Also I give unto the Church of Christ, of which I am a member, 5 flaggons for the use of the Communion table, to be procured by my executors. And further, I appoint my beloved wife Esther & my son Richard Hall to be executors.

Giles HALL, L. S.
Witness: Joseph SOUTHMAYD, Matthew TALCOTT, Jabez HAMLIN

16 Jan 1749-50: I, Giles HALL, before named, having maturely considered my will, do approve thereof this addition or alteration written in this schedule or supplement: My will is that the charges of my son Richard's education, what remains, and the charge of his taking his degree at college, shall be taken out of that part of my estate that I have assigned for the payment of my debts & funeral charges before there be any division among my children. And that this is a part or supplement to my before-mentioned will, I signify by setting to my hand and seal.

Giles HALL, L. S.
Witness: Joseph SOUTHMAYD, Matthew TALCOTT, Jabez HAMLIN

Court Record, Page 130 -- 14 May 1750: The last will & testament of Giles HALL, Esq., late of Middletown decd., was now exhibited in Court by Esther HALL & Richard HALL, executors. Proven & ordered to be recorded and kept on file.