Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 69

John GRIFFEE, Haddam. Died 19 Feb 1697-8. Invt. 118-16-06. Taken 22 Mar 1697-8, by John CHAPMAN, Samuel SPENCER & John BOOGE. The surviving children are 3: John, Thomas & Mehetabell. Additional inventory of lands, apprised 19 Mar, 1713-14, by Thomas HUNGERFORD & John BOOGE:

Imprimis: 40 acres of land, 27; 16 acres, 18: 35-00-00
13 acres of land, 3-10-00; 27-10, right belonging to the land: 31-00-00
[Total] 66-00-00

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Worshipfull & Respected Sir: Mr. Nathaniel STANLY: These few lines are to give your worship an account that the above inventory was thaken by myself and the other two subscribers at a time when there was a difference in Haddam about the choice of their Townsmen, so that what was done was rather done as neighbors than as Selectmen; and for mine own part I thought no more about it, supposing the widow had, by herself or some other, made presentment of the paper to ye Court of Probate long before this time, until within this little time some discourse was at my house concerning how she and her second husband did carry on together, for she hath marryed again. I was informed that most of the moveable estate was already disposed of, and she had not been at Court for letters of Adms. Fearing lest the estate might be quickly consumed, and the children wronged of that which their father wroght hard for, in a little time might be wholly ruined, wherefore I inquired of one of the neighbors with whom the above inventory was left for her, to be by her exhibited into the Courte, who informed me of the state of things so farr s was with him and brought me the paper, wherefore I thought it necessary to give your worship this account, that ye fatherless may be cared for. I also made inquiry for a suitable person that may, if ye Courte see meete, to be trusted with power of Adms. to secure the estate, at least the land, for the sons. I have not spoken with ye woman, but have sent to her by her brother to inform her that I would take care to send the inventory to yourself that she might appear before yourself if she hath ought to say. The person that is, so farr as I know, the most suitable to be trusted with this affair is John WILLY, the woman's brother & own uncle to the fatherless children, a sober, discreet man, one that I believe will be faitful to his trust. There is, I am informed, since the taking of the inventory, a 40 right in the undivided land on the east side of the river in Haddam Township, and am also informed tht she hath received 3, being part of her portion out of her father's estate, (since) her husband's estate, that is not in the above inventory. That I have given your worships a faithful account so farr as is with me, hoping you will take care of the matter at the next opportunity, that that which is right may be done, both to ye widow and the fatherless, I rest yours to command.

         John CHAPMAN, Haddam, 20th, 1700

Court Record, Page 8 -- 10 Mar 1700-1: An inventory of the estate of John GRIFFE, of Haddam, was sent up to this Court by Capt. John CHAPMAN, of sd. town, but no person appearing to make oath or to accept of Adms., the matter is deferred until the adjourned Court in April next, and that the widow be cited up to Court in order to the settlement thereof.

Page 161 (Vol. VIII) -- 2 Nov 1713: This Court grant letters of Adms. on the estate of John GRIFFE, late of Haddam decd., unto John GRIFFEE, eldest son.

Page 165 --17 Dec 1713: John GRIFFEE, of Haddam, Adms. exhibited now in this Court an account of his Adms:

Paid in debts & charges: 2-10-00
There remains to be distributed: 36-00-00
Adding his right inthe Commons or undivided lands: 27-10-00

To John a double portion; to Thomas & Mehetabell, to each of them, a single portion. And appoint Capt. Thomas GATES, John BOOGE & John SPENCER, dist.

Page 179 -- 1 Mar 1713-14: Report of the dist., and this Court grant John GRIFFEE a Quietus Est.