Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 1, Pg 556

          Jonathan GILBERT, Middletown. Died 1 Feb 1697-8. Invt. 202-19-02. Taken 16 Jul 1698, by Nathaniel WHITE, John HALL sen. & Nathaniel STOW. Dorothy, his Wife, d. 4 Jul 1698. The children: Mary GILBERT, age 18 years, John 15, Jonathan 12, Nathaniel 5, Ezekiel, Sarah 3, Ebenezer (posthumous) about 5 months.

Court Record, Page 56 -- 3 Sep, 1698: Israhiah WHETMORE & the daughter made Oath to the Invt. Adms. to Israhiah WHETMORE.

Page 1 (Vol. VII) -- 5 Sep 1700: Israhiah WETMORE, Adms., reports that the Personal Estate is not sufficient to pay the Debts.

Page 34 -- 11 Nov 1702: Order to Dist. the Estate.

Dist. File: 4 Feb 1702-3: Dist. of the Estate: To John GILBERT, to Jonanthan, to Nathaniel, to Ezekiel, to Ebenezer, to Mary, to Sarah. By Nathaniel WHITE, Alexander ROLLO & Thomas STOW.

Page 63 -- 6 Mar, 1704-5: Nathaniel GILBERT, a minor son of Jonathan GILBERT, chose John BACON to be his Guardian. And this Court appoint Thomas STOW to be Guardian unto Ebenezer GILBERT, another son of Jonathan GILBERT.

Page 70 -- 6 Sep 1705: This Court now discharges Thomas STOW, Guardian to Ebenezer GILBERT, and appoint Israhiah WETMORE of Middletown to be his Guardian.