Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 157

          Samuel EGLESTONE, Middletown. Invt. 76-04-15. Taken 10 January, 1736-7, by Solomon ADKINS & William ROCKWELL; and in Guilford by Judah EVERTS, Ebenezer CHITTENDEN & Samuel CHITTENDEN. Will dated 13 Apr 1736.

I, Samuel EGLESTONE, of Middletown, in the County of Hartford, being advanced to the age of 73 years, and being very infirm in body, do make this my last will & testament: I give to Patience, my wife, the use of my dwelling house and all my homelott (being about 20 acres) during her natural life or so long as she remains my widow; and 1-3 part of my moveable estate to be at her own dispose. I give to my son Samuel what I have already given him, and likewise all my land, divided and undivided, on the east side of the Great River in Middletown, forever. I give to my son-in-law, John BENTON, and Abigail his present wife, my dwelling house and the south end of my present homelott, to lie 15 rods wide from end to end, and the equal half of my land on the east side of Hop Swamp Brook, to lye on the north side, to them and their heirs forever, provided my sd. son-in-law doth comfortably maintain my wife until her decease or marriage, and my son Joseph during his natural life. And the remainder of my homelott and the southern half of my land on the east side of Hop Swamp Brook I give to my daughters, Susannah, Sarah, Patience & Mary, they paying to my son Samuel, the sum of 20; each to pay 5, Susannah and Sarah to pay the sum of 10 within 12 months after my decease, and my daughters Patience & Mary each 5 after they arrive to lawfull age. And further, my will is that my beloved wife Patience shall have a decent mourning suit and pay for the same out of my moveable estate after she hath received her thirds thereof. And what remains of my moveable estate I give equally to my daughters, Susannah, Abigail, Patience & Mary. And the reason why I don't give any of the moveable estate to my daughter Sarah is because I have already given her in moveables 10-11. And I hereby constitute my son-in-law John BENTON & my friend Stephen BLAKE executors.


Witness: Jabez BROOKS,
Roberts JOHNSON,

Court Record, Page 55 - 1st Feb 1736-7: Will proven.