Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 400

          Sergt. John DOUD, Middletown. Invt. 563-19-03. Taken 31 Oct 1745, by Nathaniel BACON, Joseph ADKINS, & John WARNER.

Court Record, Page 64 -- 5 Nov 1745: Adms. granted to Edward HIGBEE of Middletown, who gave bond with Henry KING of Middletown for 600.

Page 5 (Vol XV) -- 26 May 1745-6: This Court appoint Mr. Edward HIGBEE of Middletown to be guardian to the children of John DOWD, late of Middletown decd. : to Elizabeth, 8 years of age, John 6 years, Rebeckah and Mary DOWD, all children of John DOWD, late of Middletown decd. Recog., 1000. And the sd. Edward HIGBEE, guardian to the aforesd. children, showing to this Court that there is one piece or parcel of land in sd. Middletown belonging to the heirs of Jacob DOWD, which lyes in common or joynt tenancy between Joseph TIBBLES, Jr., of Durham, in New Haven County, in right of his wife Esther DOWD, alias TIBBALS, daughter of Jacob DOWD, & Samuel GREEN, Jr., of sd. Middletown, in right of his wife Sarah DOWD and as he is guardian to Rachel & Lois DOWD, children of sd. Jacob DOWD decd., which land is butted and bounded north on John STRICKLAND, south on Nathaniel BACON's land, east on the commons, and west supposed to be on the town line: And this Court do appoint and impower William ROCKWELL, Nathaniel BACON (carpenter) and John WARNER, of Middletown, or any two of them, with the sd. guardian, to make divisions and partitions of sd. lands, and make return of their doings to this Court.

Page 11 -- 13 May 1746: Edward HIGBEE, Adms., exhibited an account of his Adms. Accepted.

Page 25 -- 7 Oct 1746: Some further addition to the account of Adms. was exhibited, which was also accepted by the Court.

Page 27 -- 13 Nov 1746: Whereas, at the General Assembly holden at New Haven the 2nd Thrusday of October, Anno. Dom., 1746, Edward HIGBEE of Middletown, in the County of Hartford, Adms. on the estate of John DOWD, obtained liberty of sd. Assembly to sell so much of the real estate of the sd. decd. as will pay the sum of 404-08-08 with incident charges, taking advice of the Court of Probate in Hartford, this Court directs sd. Adms. to set up advertisements on the sign post in Middletown, &c, &c, &c.

Page 39 -- 2 Jun 1747: Edward HIGBEE, Adms., now exhibits an account of the sale of lands pursuant to the direction of this Court on the 13th of November, 1746, as follows: Sold to Jacob DOWD of Middletown, 3 acres at 47-00-00
Sold to Jacob DOWD of Middletown, 9 acres & 54 rods, 100-00-00
Sold to Moses PERSONS, of Middletown, 6 acres & 86 rods, 76-15-00
Sold to Jacob DOWD of Middletown, 4 acres, 45-00-00
Sold to Jacob DOWD of Middletown, 2-7 parts of one acre of land and buildings, 60-00-00
Credits received, 7-10-0
Also, the Adm. exhibits a further amount of debts due from the sd. estate, 25-13-00
Account of incident charges arising on the sale of land, 7-09-06
All which is by this Court allowed.