Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 155

          Sergt. Jacob DOUD, Middletown. Invt. 672-00-00. Taken 27 Apr 1736, by Benjamin CORNWELL, Stephen TURNER, & John BARTLETT.

Court Record, Page 46 -- 17 Jun 1736: Adms. granted to Elizabeth DOUD, the widow. Recog. 1000, with John BARTLETT of Middletown.

Page 17 (Vol. XIII) 6 Dec 1737: John DOUD, a minor, 20 years of age, son of Jacob DOUD, late of Middletown, chose Edward HIGBEE of Middletown to be his guardian. Recog. 100.

Page 19 -- 3 Jan 1737-8: Adms. account was now exhibited in Court by Isaac LANE & his wife, who was the widow & relict of sd. DOUD, which account is accepted. Isaac LANE, the present husband to Elizabeth LANE, alias DOUD, the relict of Jacob DOUD, with his sd. wife, moved this Court that a right of dower in the estate of the sd. deceased may be set out to here, whereupon the Court appoint Deacon Solomon ADKINS, William ROCKWELL and Jonathan ALLIN, of sd. Middletown, to set out to the sd. Elizabeth 1-3 part of the real estate of the decd. by bounds, and make return of their doings thereupon to this Court. This Court appoint Isaac LANE to be guardian to 3 of the children of Jacob DOUD, viz., Sarah, 10 years of age, Rachel 7 years, and Lois, age 4 years. Recog., 300. Esther DOUD, 16 years of age, and Jacob DOUD, 13 yeasr, children of Jacob DOUD, chose Edward HIGBY of Middletown to be their guardian. Recog., 200.

See File: We, the subscribers, being by the honourable Court of Probate for the County of Hartford, on the 26th day of February, 1745-6, appointed to make division and partition of the lands of Jacob DOUD, late of Middletown, in sd. County of Hartford, to have with the partners and guardians done the same. We have set off to Joseph TIBBALS, Jun., in right of Esther, his wife, to Rachel DOUD, to Lois DOUD, to Samuel GREEN, Jr., in right of his wife Sarah, to the heirs of John DOUD, eldest son, decd., to Jacob DOUD, youngest son, to each of them their respective portion in lands belonging to the estate of the decd. By Nathaniel BACON, William ROCKWELL, & John WARNER, distributors.

We the subscribers, being partners and guardians to the heirs of the within mentioned estate, do aggree and consent to the within division and settlement thereof. As witness our hands.

Edward HIGBEE, Guardian to the heirs of John DOUD decd., and to Jacob DOUD.
Isaac LANE, Guardian to Rachel & Lois DOUD,
Samuel GREEN,
Joseph TIBBALS, Jr.

Page 26 (Vol. XV) 29 Oct 1746: Report of the distributors. Accepted.