Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 190

          Samuel DOOLITTLE, Middletown. Invt. 364-06-03. Taken 28 October 1714, by Israhiah WETMORE, Samuel GIPSON & John WARNER.

Will (not dated): I, Samuel DOOLITTLE, of Middletown, being weak and low, brought by sickness and sore pain, do make this my last will and testament: I do will 1-3 part of the moveable estate to my dear wife, and this eastern room, with the back room, with free gress and progress in the lower room for washing and baking, and answerable cellar room, during her life or widowhood. Item. I give to my son Jonathan my home lot with the house and barn, to say, the east end of this lot beginning at the Boggy Meadow River and running up westward to the first brook below the orchard where the bridge stands; also I give to him 4 acres of boggy meadow which I bought of Ebenezer HUBBARD, only my will is that after the apprizement of this estate above named with the rest of my whole estate, that Jonathan shall have his double portion with his brothers and sisters, and what overplus there is after the prisall Jonathan shall pay to his sisters. Further, my will is that my wife shall have free liberty of passage in and out of her part in the house, also a garden spot; and that my daughter Mary shall have the loom and tackling belonging to it as part of her portion, and further to have liberty of that place in the house where the loom stands so long as she lives single. Further, my will is that all my children, Jonathan only excepted (being before mentioned), shall have an equal share of my whole estate, real and pesonal, both in this town and in Wallingford, only that my sons shall have liberty to keep all the lands if they can make payment to their sisters in some short convenient time after they come of age to receive their portion. My wife and son Jonathan to be executors. Further, that Thomas ALLYN shall be overseer, to be helpful to my wife & Jonathan.


Thomas ALLEN,
Isaac LANE
Benjamin CORNWALL.

Court Record, Page 219 -- 1 Nov 1714: Will exhibited by Mary & Jonathan DOOLITTLE, executors. Proven.

Page 225 - 6 Dec 1714: This court appoint Mary DOOLITTLE to be guardian to Thankful DOOLITTLE, age 12 years, Joseph 10 years, Nathaniel 8 years, Esther 6 years, children of Samuel DOOLITTLE, late decd.

Page 14 (Vol IX) -- 1 May 1716: Upon the motion of Jonathan DOOLITTLE, this court appoint Israhiah WETMORE, Joseph ROCKWELL & Samuel GIPSON to set out the estate to the legatees, according to the will.

Dist. per File: 4 Jun 1717: To the widow, to Jonathan, Samuel, Abraham, Nathaniel, & Joseph DOOLITTLE, to Mary, the wife of Solomon GOFFE, to Abigail, Martha, Hannah, Thankfull & Esther DOOLITTLE. By Israhiah WETMORE, Joseph ROCKWELL, & Samuel GIPSON.

Page 34 -- 4 Jun 1717: Report of the distributors.