Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 542

          DOOLITTLE, Jonathan, Middletown. Invt. 2094-02-11. Taken 15 January 1749-50, by Jonathan ALLYN, Joseph WRIGHT, & Willet RANNEY.

Court Record, Page 116 -- 6 Feb 1749-50: This Court grant Adms. on the estate of Jonathan DOOLITTLE, late of Middletown, unto Rebeckah & Jonathan DOOLITTLE, who gave bonds with Willet RANNEY of Middletown of 1000. Thomas DOOLITTLE, a minor, 19 years of age, Joel DOOLITTLE, age 17 years, Rebeckah 15 years, and George 14 years, children of Jonathan DOOLITTLE, chose their mother Rebeckah DOOLITTLE to be their guardian. Recog., 200 for each minor.

Page 123 -- 3 Apr 1750: An account of Adms. on the estate of Jonathan DOOLITTLE, late of Middletown, was now exhibieted in Court by Jonathan DOOLITTLE & Rebeckah DOOLITTLE, Adms.: Paid in debts and charges and provisions spent in the family, 184-07-02; credit received, ~43-13-10. Which account is allowed and ordered to be kept on file. Now moves for a distribution:

Inventory, ----------------------------------- 2094-02-11
Credits, ---------------------------------------- 43-13-10
Debts & charges subtracted ----------------- 184-07-02
There remains in real & personal estate --- 1956-09-07

1-3 part of the moveable estate to the widow forever; to Jonathan DOOLITTLE, eldest son, a double share; to Samuel, Thomas, Joel, & George DOOLITTLE, to each of them their single share; and to Rebeckah DOOLITTLE, the daughter, her single share. And appoint Jonathan ALLIN, Nathaniel GOLBERT & Joseph WRIGHT, of Middletown, distributors.