Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 48-49

          CORNWALL, Thomas, Middletown. Died November, 1702. Invt. 185-13-06. Taken 22 December, 1702, by John HALL and John CORNWALL

          Court Record, Page 39 -- 2 March, 1702-3: Adms. to Jonathan CORNWALL, eldest son, John CORNWALL, surety, and to be overseer to the estate and children.

          Page 53 -- 9 March, 1703-4: Jonathan CORNWALL presented an account of his Adms. so far as he hath proceeded:
- s - d
Paid in debts and charges 58-10-05
Yet unpaid 21-12-04
Sundry things abated out of inventory 10-07-00

          And for as much as the personal estate will extend no further, the Courth accept the account and order it to be filed.

          Page 69 -- 14 August, 1705: Whereas, Jonathan CORNWALL, who was Adms. on the estate of his father, Thomas CORNWALL, died intestate and none of his relations appear to take Adms., this Court do therefore order the Clerk to signify to the relations of sd. Jonathan, decd., that in case none of them shall appear before this Court in September next for that purpose, that then letters of Adms. shall be granted to the creditors, or one of them.

          Page 72 -- 21 November, 1705: This Court grant letters of Adms. on the estate of Thomas CROMWELL unto Capt. John HALL of Middletown, the former Adms., Jonathan CORNWALL, the son, being dead.

          Page 73 -- 21 November, 1705: This Court appoint John HALL of Middletown, to be guardian unto David CORNWALL, a minor son of Thomas CORNWALL, late of Middletown, deceased.

          Page 78 -- 8 March, 1705-6: Capt. John HALL of Middletown, Adms., on the estate of Thomas CORNWALL, decd., presented to this Court a new or second invt. of the sd. estate now remaining, and also of the estate of Jonathan CORNWALL, son of the sd. Thomas and late Adms. on his estate, upon oath made therunto by Abraham CORNWALL, son of the sd. Thomas, which inventory this Court orders to be recorded and put upon file.

          Page 129 (Vol VIII) 3 December, 1713: Daniel HALL of Middletown, executor of the last will of John HALL, Sen., exhibited now in this Court an account of his Adms. on the estate of Thomas CORNWALL, which this Court allows and orders put upon file.

          Page 247 -- 4 April, 1715: David CORNWALL, a minor, 16 years of age, made choice of Joseph ROCKWELL to be his guardian. Recog. 20.

          Page 4 (Vol. X) 16 January, 1722-3: Daniel HALL, executor, now exhibits an account of his Adms. on the estate of Thomas and Jonathan CORNWALL, John HALL, the former Adms., being deceased and not having finished his Adms. before his decease. Account allowed. Order to dist. to the children and heirs of sd. Thomas and to the brother and sisters of sd. Jonathan CORNWALL, viz., to David CORNWALL, Sarah BENTON, Ann PENFIELD, Silence CORNWALL, and to the heirs of Stephen CORNWALL, decd. And appoint Daniel HALL, John GAINS and Comfort DAVIS, distributors. This Court appoint Capt. Giles HALL of Middletown to be guardian to the children of Stephen CORNWALL, formerly of Middletown. late decd. at Antigua. Also to take care of the estate at Middletwon, which is to be distributed to them, and to render an account thereof. Recog. 20.

          Dist. per File, of the estate of Thomas and Jonathan CORNWALL, 1727: To David CORNWALL, to Sarah BENTON, to Ann PENFIELD, to Silence BOARDMAN, and to Stephen CORNWALL.