Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 47-48

          CORNWALL, John, Sen., Middletown. Invt. 317-17-00. Taken 26 December, 1707, by Samuel DOOLITTLE and Zacheus CANDE. Will dated 17 September, 1707.

          I, John CORNWALL, Sen., of Middletown, being infirm and weak, do therefore make this my last will and testament: I will that my wife Martha shall have the use, benefit and improvement of all my homelott whereon my dwelling house stands (excepting what is in this will given to my son William), together witht he eastward end or rooms, both higher and lower, of my dwelling house, with the barn and orchard and all the clear meadow that lies in my lot at Goose's Delight, half the breadth of my Boggy Meadow lot, called Ko-Lot, next the river. Also I leave unto her all the moveables, within doors and withou; all which land and moveables may be improved by her for her comfort and subsistence so long as she remains my widow. I give unto my eldest son John CORNWALL 1-3 part of my Proper Lott in the Boggy Meadow Quarter, reckoning that I have given 1-3 part thereof to my son-in-law Samuel DOOLITTLE and part of the other third is given to Joseph. Also I give unto my sd. son John halfe the breadth of my Ko-Lott next to the upland, and at his mother's death or marriage the whole Ko-Lott unto John; also of my lands or rights ont he east side of the Great River, and the other half to Joseph and Benjamin, my sons. I give to my son William CORNWALL the west end or rooms, both higher and lower, of my now dwelling house, with the yard that lies to the west and north, and what fruit trees are therein, and the garden plott. And the other half of my homelott, next my Brother Jacob's, I give to my daughters, Martha, Hannah and Thankfull, equally. I give unto my son Paul the westward end of that lott of land that lieth beyond my brother Samuel's houselott where now Paul's house stands, unto the middle row of apple-trees in the orchard there. Also, I give unto Paul of my lott in the westernmost range of lotts; the other half of that lott I give unto my daughters, Martha, Hannah and Thankful. It is my will that my son-in-law, Richard HUBBARD, shall have one acre of it, to be laid out from the highway to his boggy meadow, on that side next Mr. SOUTHMAYD, and the remainder to be equally dividied betwixt Paul, Joseph and Benjamin, so that their bredth be equal without respect to the lenght of either. It is my will that what moveables shall be extant of household goods shall be equally shared amongst my four daughters. My will is that my wife Martha shall be sole executrix. I desire Mr. John HAMLIN and Mr. Noadiah RUSSELL to be overseers.

                                        John CORNWALL, L.S.
Witness: Thomas STEVENS,
John LONE,
Alexander ROLLO

          Court Record, Page 101 -- 5 January, 1707-8: Will approved.

          Page 107 -- 4 March, 1707-8: The widow Martha CORNWALL, now deceased, this Court grant letters of Adms. to John CORNWALL, son o f John CORNWALL, late of Middletown, deceased, with the will annexed.