Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 30-31

          CORNWALL, Isaac, Middletown. Died 25 August, 1733. Invt. 83-10-00. Taken 28 September, 1733. Will dated 25 August, 1733

The last (nuncupative) will of Isaac CORNWALL, late of
Middletown, decd.:

          I give to Fletcher RANNY and Joseph RANNY a yoke of steers comeing 4 years old, and my brindle cow. And I give to Elisha WILCOKS a yoke of steers comeing three years old and my red pide cow. I would not have you take it to pay any debts that I owe to their father, for I don't mean so, not would not have you take it so, but I give it them freely and voluntarily.

          Middletown, November ye 5th, 1733.

          Mary RANNY, Esther RANNY and Abigail WILCOKS personally appeared before me, Jabez HAMLIN, Justice of the Peace for Hartford County, and upon oath declared that they were with Isaac CORNWALL the day before his death, and that the sd. CORNWALL the day before his death pronounced what is within written and desired them to be witnesses thereof. And futhrer, that the sd. Esther wrote what is on the other side presently after, and that at that time he was, to the best of their judgement, mente sana, and died the night after.

          Mary X RANNY
          Abigail X WILCOCKS,
          Esther RANNY

          Jurant Coram, Jabez HAMLIN, Just. Peace

The adverse party being
cited, but not present.

          Court Record, Page 96 -- 29 June,1733: Jacob CORNWALL, Adms., a brogher of the deceased, gave bond with Richard SEYMOUR of Hartford for 200.

          Page 98 -- 2 October, 1733: The nuncupative will exhibited by Joseph RANNEY. Deferred.

          Page 100 -- 6 November, 1733: Jacob CORNWALL appeals to the Superior Court from the judgement of this Court in approveing sd. will.