Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 490

          CORNWALL, David, Middletown. Died 10 June, 1725. Invt. 79-03-06. Taken 2 August, 1725, by Samuel HALL and Ebenezer SMITH.

          Court Record, Page 95 -- 3 August, 1725: Adms. to John PENFIELD, the widow of sd. deceased being deaf and dumb and thereby incapable of takeing Adms. Invt. exhibited.

          Page 163 -- 22 August, 1727: John PENFIELD, Adms., now exhibits receipts from Mary CORNWALL, widow, where for the sum of 13-15-00, she discharges the estate from any further demands. And John PENFIELD exhibited account of his Adms. Some debts remain unsatisfied, for which some land must be sold.

          Page 92 -- 3 May, 1728: John PENFIELD now reports sale of land. Order to dist. the real estate remaining: To the children of Stephen CORNWALL a 1-4 part; to Sarah BURTON a 1-4 part; to Ann PENFIELD a 1-4 part; to Silence BOARDMAN a 1-4 part. By Joseph TRACY, John GAINS and Ebenezer SMITH.

          Page 39 (Vol XI) 1st March, 1730-1: John PENFIELD, Adms. on the estate of David CORNWALL, late of Middletown, decd., being summoned, appeared before this Court to answer the complaint of Samuel BURTON for sd. PENFIELD not attending the order of the Court of Probates in the sale of part of the lands formerly belonging to David CORNWALL, decd., to pay the debts due from the estate as per complaint lying in the files of this Court. Sd. BURTON and Capt. Giles HALL, guardian to two of the children of the decd., appeared, and they all being heard on the case, this Court are of opinion that the order of the Court hath not been directly attended in the sale of sd. land, to the prejudice of the heirs, and do therefore declare sd. sale void, and now order that the Adms. shall set up an advertisement for the sale of so much of sd. land as shall be sufficient to procure the sum of 23-18-10. The sum alloed by the General Assembly holden at New Haven in October, 1727, being 35-08-10, and a house bieng sold fo 11-10-00, there still remains the sum of 23-18-10. And that in sd. advertisement he describe the place where the land lyeth, 20 days before the sale, where the place of sale shall be, the quality with the bounds of sd. land, also at what hour of the day the sale shall be, and at the beat of drum to the highest bidder, and to return his doings therein to this Court. John PENFIELD appealed from this judgement to the Superior Court to be holden at Hartford, in and for the County of Hartford, on the 2nd Tuesday of instant March, and sd. PENFIELD acknowledged himself bound to the Treasure of the County of Hartford in a recog. of 10.

          Page 6 (Vol XIII) 20 April, 1737: A dist. of all the lands of David CORNWALL, exclusive of what was sold according to law to pay the debts due from sd. estate, was now exhibited in Court under the hands of John GAINS and Joseph FRARY, distributors, which dist. is accepted and ordered upon file. This Court grant John PENFIELD a Quietus Est.