Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 45

          COOKE, John, Middletown. Died 16 January, 1704-5. Invt. 331-02-03. Taken 5 march, 1704-5, by Thomas WARD, William WARD, and Joseph JOHNSON. The children: John and Mary, both of age; Daniel, age 14 years; Sarah, 12; and Ebenezer, 7 years old. Will dated 15 August, 1698.

          I, John COOK, of Middletown, in the County of Hartford, do make this my last will and testament: I give unto my son John 200 acres of land, being part of my lott in Cockingchauge. I give unto my daughter Mary a silver spoon as her portion. I give unto my son Daniel my house and homstead were I now live, when he comes to age. I give unto my daughter Sarah the choice and best of my feather beds. And for as much in probability my wife is now with child, wherefore I give and bestow upon that child, whether male or femail, 100 acres of land, being the remainder of my lott in Cockingchauge. Lastly, I do give unto my wife Hannah the use and improvement of the house and homelott, and all appurtenances, till my son Daniel come of age, and after, if she bears my name. I appoint my wife to be my executrix.

          John COOKE, L.S.
Witness: Daniel HARRIS,
Alexander ROLLO

          Part of the inventory is as followeth:
- s - d
His stock and cattle and 6 swine 22-00-00
382 acres of wilderness land lying in the
westermost range of lots
60 acres of land that his father HARRIS
gave him out of his farm
His dwelling house, homelot and barn 80-00-00