Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 373

          CONE, Jared, Haddam. Died 11 April, 1718. Invt. 496-05-03. Taken by Joshua BRAYNARD, Timothy FULLER and Daniel CONE.

          Court Record, Page 66--3 June, 1718: Adms. granted to Stephen CONE, son of the sd. decd.

          Page 91--6 January, 1718-19: Stephen CONE, Adms., exhibits an account of his Adms. Accepted. Order to distribute:
s d
Addition to the inventory, 37-04-02
There remains to be dist. the sum of, 494-04-00
To Stephen CONE, eldest son, 164-14-08
To Thomas, Elizabeth, Ruth and Hannah CONE, to each, 82-07-09

          And appoint Thomas Gates, Daniel BRAYNARD and Daniel CONE, of Haddam, distributors.

          Page 92--6 January, 1718-19: This Court appoint Capt. Daniel BRAYNARD of Haddam to be guardian unto Elizabeth CONE, and Daniel CONE to be guardian unto Ruth CONE, and Ebenezer CONE of sd. Haddam to be guardian to Hannah CONE. And Daniel BRAYNARD, Daniel CONE and Ebenezer CONE each of them acknowledged themselves joyntly and severally bound in a recog. of 50.

          Page 91 (Probate Side): Whereas, our loving uncle, Daniel CONE, Sen., has in the quality of a guardian taken and had the oversight and care of that part of our father's estate, viz., Garred CONE deceased, ordered by the Court of Probate, and sett out to us by the dist. of sd. estate, wee do thankfully acknowledge our abovesd. uncle's care and faithfullness in the discharge of that trust, and do by these (presents) discharge him of all future care and trouble about the abovesd. part of our father's estate bestowed on us, acknowledging ourselves to have received the whole belonging to us and comitted to him, and that wee are sattisfied with his doings relating to every part of his trust on our behalf. And in testimony of his discharge and our sattisfaction, wee have hereunto sett our hands this 14 September, 1727.

          Signed in Haddam East Side:
          Samuel EMMONS, Jr.,
          Ruth X CONE, alias EMMONS.