Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 487

          CONE, Deacon Daniel, East Haddam. Died 16 June, 1725. Invt. 858-17-10. Taken 16 July, 1725, by Daniel BRAINARD, John BATE and Thomas ROBBINSON. Court Record, Page 99--7 September, 1725: Adms. to Mary CONE, widow of the sd. deceased. Exhibit of inventory.

          Page 119--1st March, 1725-6: Adms. account exhibited: Paid in debts and charges, 42-07-11; invt. 1101-14-08; subtracting 42-07-11, there remains 1059-06-09 to be distributed. Order to Mary CONE, widow, 90-05-07, with dower; to Daniel CONE, eldest son, 211-19-04, he having received 9-11-06, which is his double portion of sd. estate; to the rest of the children, to George, Joseph and Jared CONE, to each of them, 110-15-05; to Sarah GATES, 89-16-03, she having received 20-19-02; to Mehetabell WILLIAMS, 82-03-03, she having received 28-12-02; to Mary Fuller, 79-09-01, she having received 31-06-09; to Dorothy GATES, 89-09-11, she having received 21-05-06; to Abigail ROWLEY, 83-17-00, she having received 26-18-09. And appoint Joshua BRAINARD, John BATES and Isaac SPENCER, of Haddam, distributors.

          Page 128--5 May, 1726: This Court do appoint Mrs. Mary CONE to be guardian to George, 17 years, Joseph 14 years, and Jared 12 years of age. Recog., 300.