Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 2, p 39-40

          CHEENY, William, Middletown. Invt. 259-03-06. Taken 12 November, 1705, by John COLLINS, Joseph ROCKWELL, and William HARRIS. Will dated 17 September, 1704.

          I William CHEENY, of Middletown, do make this my last will and testament: I give to my kinsman Benjamin HAND, of Middletown, 80 acres of land out of my lot in the second part of the first division of land in Middletown, to be laid out to him 20 rods in breadth the whole length of the said lot, the eastern side of which will then butt east on a highway between that and the LUCAS lot, and north on the Commons, west on the remainder of the lot, and south on the extremity of Middletown bounds, which land shall be the property of the said Benjamin HAND and his heirs forever. My will is that if Cheeny CLARK (the son of John CLARK decd., my son-in-law) shall live to be the age of 21 years, he should have his choice, either to thake that allotment of mine which lyeth between Benjamin HAND's home lot and Samuel CORNWALL's or else to take my wood lot (about 30 acres of land) abutting on Mr. John HAMLIN's lot south, and on the highway or Common land east, west and north, being half a mile long. Also the said Cheeny CLARK whall have the one-half of what remains of my secondpart of the first division lot after Benjamin HAND's part is laid out, and the one-half of my long lott on the east side of the Great River. The whole lot consists of about 327 acres. Those above expressed to be the property of the sd. Cheeny CLARK forever. Also Ambrose CLARK, son of the sd. John CLARK, decd., shall have the other half of the land or lots set out to Cheeny CLARK, his brother. Item. It is my will that all my personal estte and moveables whatsoever, as money, goods, debts, merchandise, household goods, cattle, grain and utensiles, or other estate whatsoever not herein disposed of, shall be equally shared amongst the three children of the sd. John CLARK, decd., being the two sons above named and one daughter named Eunice, and each respective share to be carefully improved and secured for thier benefit as my sd. after-named executors shall jointly find to be most feasible, until the sd. children be of age to choose guardians according to law. If all these three children die before they come of age, their portions to become the property of the Church of Middletown, to be inproved and laid out upon sacrament utensils. I appoint my son-in-law John WILLIAMS and my daughter-in-law Abigail, his wife, to be joint executors, and request John HAMLIN, Esq., and Joseph ROCKWELL to be overseers.

          William CHEENY, L.S.
Witness: Nathaniel BROWN,
Nathaniel BROWN, Jr.,
Alexander ROLLO.

          Court Record, Page 73 -- 6 December, 1705-6: Will proven.

          Page 26 (Vol. IX) 5 February, 1716-17: John WILLIAMS, executor, exhibited now in this Court an account of debts, which account is accepted. Order the estate to be distributed to Cheeny CLARK, to Ambrose CLARK and to Eunice CLARK, to each of them the sum of 17-19-08. And appoint Lt. Joseph ROCKWELL, Israhiah WETMORE and John BACON, distributors.

          Page 44 -- 5 November, 1717: Cheeny CLARK, a minor 19 years of age, son of John CLARKE, late decd., chose Capt. Joseph ROCKWELL of Middletown to be his guardian.