Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 390-391

          CANDEE, Zacheus, Middletown. Invt. 3038-16-10. Taken 18 August, 1743, by Jonathan ALLIN, Joseph CLARK and William ROCKWELL. Will dated 10 October, 1734.

          I, Zacheus CANDEE of Middletown, in the County of Hartford, do make this my last will and testament: I give unto Sarah, my wife, the use of the 1-2 of my now dwelling house and barn, or so much as she shall see cause to improve for her comfort during her natural life or so long as she shall continue my widow; and also the yearly benefit of 1-3 part of my improved lands during widowhood. I give my wife the 1 equal third part of my moveable estate, to be at her whole dispose. I give to my son Zachius CANDEE the 1-3 part of my homelott or farm whereon I now dwell, that is to say, the westernmost end of sd. lott. I give to my other two sons, Isaac and Theophilus, the other 2-3 of my home lands, at the eastermost end of my lott whereon I now dwell, in equal part to each of them; also to each of them my dwelling house and barn and buildings on sd. land (only reserving to my wife as abovesd. in houseing and lands). And it is my will that if I should be removed by death before I make up to my four daughters equally to each of them, namely, Sarah, Hannah, Abigail and Mary, in their portionsin part of what I have formerly given to some of them, that they shall be made up equal one with another out of my other estate and not out of any part of my homelott. The remainder of my estate shall be divided equally among all of my seven children. I appoint my sons Zacheus CANDEE and Theophilus CANDEE my executors.

          Zacheus CANDEE, L.S.
Witness: Joseph ROCKWELL,
Lambeton COOPER

          Court Record, Page 29 -- 6 September, 1743: Will exhibited by Zacheus and Theophilus CANDEE, executors. Proven and ordered to be kept on file.