Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 1, p 285-286

          BUSHNELL, Susannah, Saybrook, who died 18 August, 1683. Invt. 51-18-00. Taken 4 September 1683, by Nathaniel Chapman and John BUSHNELL.

          Will nuncupative. Testifed to by Lieut. William BUSHNELL and Samuell BUSHNELL. She gave all that she had to her son John WADDAMS. Court Record, Page 72 -- 6 September, 1683. Will & Invt. approved. From File: An Inventory of the Estate of Susanah BUSHNELL:

her wearing thoathes of woolen 12-06-00
her old Cloath 00-09-00
her bed linnen & wearing linnen
      & silke & bookes 13-03-00
A feather bed & bed sted, one
      bolster, 2 pillow & pillow Coats
      one pare of sheets, 3 old Curtains
      one old ruge, 2 old blankets 06-03-00
20 pound in ye hand of Samuel BUSHNELL 20-00-00

          This Inventory taken and apprised by us Select men and apprisers Nathaniel CHAPMAN & John X BUSHNELL, Saybrook September 4th 1683. The person presenting the Estate hath acted under oath according to law. There is no writen will that which shee Left by word of mouth was that shee gave all that shee had to her son John WADDAMS which testimony we have reseued from Leftentt William BUSHNELL & Samuel BUSHNELL.
          Pr. Nathaniel CHAPMAN          John X BUSHNELL - Townsmen

          John WADDAMS of wethersfield this 4th of September came to Saybrook to demand an estate given to him by his mother there is (ordd) & of the person in law apponted Samuel BUSHNELL to do the same and haveing loveingly agree on that accont so there there appeareth no dif-Culty or any fere of trouble for the futter the said john WADDAMS desireth it may have ists isue of hartford Court in 2 reasons first it will save hime considerable Charge to appeare at or County Court 2ly the Condiscon of his family at present under the afflicting hand I being not willing to deuert the Course of law settled or the practice of each Courte the going from hath some times proued troubleson but in this Case as I thinke I do so far under stand that I do on the former reasons give countenance as the best way that the matters be settled at hartford Court unto which Cort I do recommend the issue which is the all at present presentabl eto your honord members of the Court from your friend and servant dated in Saybrook Robt. CHAPMAN Assist. Sept. 4th 1683.