Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Manwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 19-20

          BURTON, Samuel, Middletown. Died 23 April, 1733. Invt. 81-12-08. Taken 13 June, 1733, by John PENFIELD and Nathaniel WHITE.

          Court Record, Page 93 -- 3 July 1733: Adms. granted to Sarah BURTON, widow.

          Page 24 (Vol XII) 1st April, 1735: Sarah BURTON, Adms. exhibits and account of her Adms., which is accepted.

          Page 25 (Vol. XIII) 7 March, 1737-8: Samuel BURTON, age 17 years, son of Samuel BURTON, and Sarah BURTON, age 14 years, chose Benjamin CORNWALL of Middletown to be their guardian. Recog., 200.

          Page 33 -- 3 October, 1738: Sarah BURTON, the widow of Samuel BURTON, with Francis SMITH, her husband, assent that Mr. John CLARK of Middletown may be guardian to Daniel BURTON, age 11 years, and Benjamin BURTON, age 9 years, children of Samuel BURTON. Recog. 300.

          Page 54 -- 4 September, 1739: Sarah SMITH, the wife of Francis SMITH, alias BURTON, Adms. on the estate of Samuel BURTON, moves to this court for a dist. of the moveable estate of sd. deceased to the heirs surviving, she having exhibited an invt., which is on record.
- s - d
To Sarah SMITH, alias Sarah BURTON 16-07-10 1-3
To James, the eldest son 8-03-07
To Simeon, Samuel, Daniel Benjamin, Mary
and Sarah BURTON, to each of them their single shares
4-01-09 1-2

          And appoint Capt. Nathaniel WHITE and Ensign John GAINS, of Middletown, distributors.