Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 389

          BROWN, John, Middletown. Invt. 878-18-06. Taken 31 October, 1744, by Samuel WARNER, Benjamin MILLER and Joseph MILLER.

          Court Record, Page 49 -- 12 August, 1744: This Court grant Adms. unto Nathaniel BROWN of Middletown, who gave bond with Jeremiah GUILD of sd. Middletown of 1000 money.

          Dist. File: Distributon of the estate of John BROWN, late of Middletown, 1st July, 1745, viz:
- s - d
To Nathaniel BROWN 22-16-00
To Lydia BROWN 36-02-03
To Mary BROWN 36-08-02

          The dwelling house and barn we agree to hold in common. To our sister Dorothy HURLBUTR a full fifth part. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seal, 23 March, 1745
Jonathan COLE, L.S | Lydia X BROWN, L.S.
Nathaniel BROWN, L.S. | Mary X BROWN

Witness: John BARTLETT

          Middletown, 1st July, 1745: Then Mary BROWN, since the above signing and sealing, being married to one Jonathan COLE, Jr., of Hartford, the sd. Jonathan and Mary COLE acknowledged this instrument to be their free act and deed before me. Giles HALL, J.P.