Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 143-144

          BROOKS, Deacon Thomas, Haddam. Died 6 April, 1734. Invt. taken 28 Jun 1734, by Joseph ARNOLD, Caleb CONE & Thomas SHELDON. Will dated 24 February, 1728-9.

          I, Thomas BROOKS of Haddam, do make this my last will and testament: I give and bequeath to Susannah, my wife, the use of my dwelling house, barn and shop, and all that part of land hereinafter given to my son Jabez for his portion, for and until he shall attain to the age of 21 years if he live so long, or till she shall be married again, which shall happen first. I also give her 1 weaving loom, together with half the tackling belonging to two looms, and if sd. Jabez arrive at the age aforesd, and she remain still my widow, I give her the use of one end of my dwelling house (which she shall choose), viz, two rooms, so long as she shall continue my widow. I give to my wife ye third part of all my moveable estate forever. As touching my eldest son Thomas, I have already by deed of gift settled his inheritance upon him, reserving 9 to be paid by him to me or my order. I give to my son Jabez, and to his heirs and assigns forever, all my land lying southwestward on his brother Abraham's land, butting thereon northwesterly, butting northeast partly on the Great River and partly on land of Capt. James WELLES, and butting on land of Capt. Caleb CONE southeast, he to pay to his only sister Eunice 10 in money at the age of 18 years. I give to my son Joseph all my lands and rights of land, divided and undivided, within the bounds of Haddam, be the same more or less, which is not by me already disposed of, except the sixth division lott laid out upon my list which lyes near Flag Swamp. I give to my daughter Mary, over and above what I have already given and done for her, 20 shillings of money. I give to my other five daughters, viz., Elizabeth, Susannah, Thankfull, Sarah, and Eunice, all my moveable estate not hereinbefore disposed of, and also 8 in money to be paid them by their brother Thomas, and 9 in money to be paid them by their brother Abraham. And whereas, two of my sd. daughters, viz, Elizabeth and Susannah, are deceased, I do will and determine that their children, viz., Elizabeth LESTER and Susannah SMITH, shall have their mother's equal part of my estate and that the 17 in money last mentioned be equally divided and paid to my sd. daughters and sd. grandchildren, Mary & Eunice not to have any part thereof, but are hereby exempted. Finally, I do appoint my loving wife Susannah and my loving son Thomas executors.

                              Thomas BROOKS, LS.
Witness: Caleb CONE, Caleb CONE Jr., Elisha CONE.

          Court Record, Page 8 -- 6 August, 1734: Will proven.