Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records
(Hartford District),
Charles W. Mainwaring,
Hartford, 1902,
Vol 3, p 234-235

          BRAINARD, Elijah, Haddam. Died 20 April 1740. Invt. 1963-15-03. Taken 13 Jun 1740, by Joseph ARNOLD, Caleb CONE and Thomas BROOKS. Will dated 24 May 1739.

          I, Elijah BRAINARD, in the County of Hartford, do make this my last will and testament: I give to my wife Margaret BRAINARD (her dower rights). I give to my eldest son Joseph BRAINARD the 1/2 of the 8th division lott in Haddam, laid out on the right of Abraham DRIBBLE, containing in the whole 30 acres, and the 8th division lott laid out on the right of Moses POND, containing 12 acres, and my inhabitant right (being 77-11-00) in all the undivided land on the west side of the Great River. I give to my 2nd son Elijah BRAINARD, Jr., 23 acres and 56 rodds of the 4th division lott in sd. Haddam, laid out on the right of Capt. GAITES, late of sd. Haddam deceased, and 55-06 right in the undivided land on the west side of the Great River, being 1/5 part of the original rights of Richard PIPER, Abraham DIBBLE and my honoured father Daniel BRAINARD, late of sd. Haddam decd. I give to my 3rd son Jabez BRAINARD all my land on the south side of the country road opposite my homestead, be the same more or four acres, and all my land lying on the southeast side of the highway that goeth from Jabez BRAINARD's house to Purcel (?) and my lott in the upper meadow, with the upland adjoining thereto, and one piece of land of about 4 acres on the northwest side of Higanum Cove, and all my right in the undivied land on the east side of the Great River in Haddam. I give to my 4th son Phineas BRAINARD, his heirs and assigns forever, my dwelling house, barn and homestead, viz., all my land there adjoining, and 1/2 of the warehouse standing thereon, and the 5th division lott laid out upon the right of the aforesd. Abraham DRIBBLE, containing 50 acres, and about 3 acres of land adjoining thereto, and a right of 40 (the right of Moses POND) in all undivided land on the west side of the Great River. I give to my four daughters, viz., Mary POND, Abigail ARNOLD, Thankfull BRAINARD, and Esther BRAINARD, and to my granddaughter Rachel BAILEY, all my personal estate of all sorts not otherwise disposed of in this will, equally to be divided to and amongst them five. And I make my two sons, Elijah BRAINARD and Jabez BRAINARD, executors.

Witnesses: William PORTER                               Elijah BRAINARD, LS.

          Court Record, Page 70 --- 5 August 1740: The last will and testament of Elijah BRAINARD, late of Haddam, exhibited in Court by Elijah BRAINARD and Jabez BRAINARD, executors. will proved and ordered recorded.